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Why is the 50th anniversary of Kennedy’s death news? Because it matters to US Boomers.

Frankly who gives a crap that 50 years ago Americans shot and killed their president in Dallas? And more importantly why is there such a fuss on TV this week? Why also are there so many conspiracy theories and crappy … Continue reading

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Freeloaders on the lam – can we start calling these whack jobs domestic terrorists yet?

You can bet your arse that if these “Freemen on the Land” were non-white and muslim then all the winged monkeys on the right would be calling for them to be renditioned, tortured, have their citizenship taken from them etc. … Continue reading

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Jason Kenney the real xenophobe, is an opportunist and a liar which is why immigrants must be wary of his “support” for immigration.

The accusation of being a liar is easily illustrated. He can remember being an aggressive and assertive opposition speaker, but not much about the content of what he said. His recent support for the Prime Minister and his running interference … Continue reading

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Isn’t raising prices during periods of high demand how the free market is supposed to work and don’t we do likewise to the third world every day?

Apparently free market economics and costs varying depending on supply and demand isn’t the way stuff is supposed to work when an emergency hits. Well not in the West anyway. One picture taken by Gordy Marchant shows ice bags selling … Continue reading

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Are the Harper Cons insisting nobody should be paid for any fundraising speeches for charity or education?

Won’t that mean that taxation will have to go up to cover the shortfall then? A case in point. In Alberta at a small college, their athletics department booked Wayne Gretzky to speak at their annual fundraising breakfast for their … Continue reading

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Rod Ponce is no longer on this blog

As he stopped making demands, I removed the two innocuous posts he found objectionable.

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For no other reason other than I like it and Bill Murray makes me smile.

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