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U of S debacle – maybe it is a symptom of Conservative neglect, just like in Alberta.

A lot has been written about the anti-free speech moves by the U of S hierarchy and quite rightly so. But none of the reporters have bothered asking what drove university administrators to attack faculty and service providers in such … Continue reading

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Why do Israeli educational institutions keep giving the BDS clique ammunition for their cause.

BDS is not my thing as I reckon it would be counter productive and would lead to an entrenched intractable position on both sides where meaningful discourse would become impossible. It is not the same as the sports boycott of … Continue reading

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York University and it’s “religious” accommodation kerfuffle – Grayson is well intentioned but wrong

As a card carrying atheist I really do not like any religious interference in how the country is run. I do not like the deluded getting tax exempt status for their little social clubs where they sit around inventing stories … Continue reading

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Would the new measures taken by Raitt and the CPoC have provided timely information to Lac Megantic?

Today Lisa Raitt announced “This part isn’t about prevention,” Raitt told a news conference in Ottawa. “This part is about response and ensuring that communities have the information that they identify that they want to have.” and explained Wednesday’s order … Continue reading

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A tale of two fall outs from drug use – If you are an 18 year old athlete you’re held accountable, if you are a Conservative Mayor then not so much.

I hear a lot about just how bad the young are today and just how much worse they are than the previous generations etc. I also hear a lot about how the modern right are all about personal responsibility and … Continue reading

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Another Reform-a-con runs away and hides after being questioned about her BS and obfuscation.

I know, I know I was stunned too. But it seems like Sandy Crux is not too happy with anyone who perforates her little Stephen Harper adulation bubble. Apparently me questioning her use of the term “Elites” got her all … Continue reading

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Apparently Stephen Harper doesn’t drink alcohol and apparently he lies too.

Okay so in wine country yesterday, our PM Stephen Harper said, “Now of course, I don’t, you know, I don’t drink alcohol, but I have lots of friends who do,” said Harper. And following in the footsteps of a long … Continue reading

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