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Guilty until proven Innocent – Minerva, Joe Oliver, the far right and their cowardly fear of everyone and everything.

In the recent past when Joe Oliver was doing the Oil Industry’s bidding on the public dime he made a very (in)famous statement. Unfortunately, there are environmental and other radical groups that would seek to block this opportunity to diversify … Continue reading

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Hang on I thought “guns don’t kill people?”

Another tragic victim of an irresponsible gun owner dies over the weekend in Florida. The family has my heartfelt condolences, this is truly a shocking event as it would have come out of the blue. That said I must admit … Continue reading

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Indian Reporter shows why IDF bombardment in the aftermath of a rocket launch by Hamas will only ever kill civilians.

An Indian reporter amazingly managed to capture a Hamas rocket launching crew set up and fire a rocket into Israel. These terrorists committed a war crime and there is no doubt about that. They are pieces of crap who deliberately … Continue reading

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Nadon Appointment – Back here I mentioned that someone lied, but it goes on.

In a previous post I mentioned that These discussions are are supposed to be kept secret even from the Prime Minister, so: Someone broke their oath of secrecy and therefore lied, or Harper lied when he made that statement in … Continue reading

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Harper and and Coyne whine about the SCC Senate decision – Why don’t we ask Lawyers and political scientists instead?

Harper and one of his mouthpieces Coyne are distraught that they can’t just do stuff on a whim. Oh woe is us we can’t just change the constitutional basis for how the country is run just because we want to. … Continue reading

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CBC illustrates why it is needed and why the knuckle draggers want it gone – Temporary Foreign Workers Scandal

In one fell swoop the CBC illustrates why an independent broadcaster is a boon to Canada – they will cover stories that the corporately sponsored media won’t. Is there any other media outlet that would have spent the time and … Continue reading

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Harpergov – Do as we say, not as we do, especially where China is concerned.

If we needed further proof of just how ethically bankrupt and law breaking that the current government is (and we shouldn’t) we need look no further than how two cases regarding the nuclear non-proliferation treaty were handled by our glorious … Continue reading

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