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Harpergov – Do as we say, not as we do, especially where China is concerned.

If we needed further proof of just how ethically bankrupt and law breaking that the current government is (and we shouldn’t) we need look no further than how two cases regarding the nuclear non-proliferation treaty were handled by our glorious … Continue reading

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Russia enters the Crimea – NATO and the West is hoist on its own petard – Kosovo redux.

TDL posts that the Russian’s have crossed from Russia into the Crimea in numbers. He also notes that the West is wringing their hands most spectacularly about this action and will write a strongly worded note to Putin telling him … Continue reading

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Pollievre in action – An election reform bill that really just changes the law to make once illegal activities, legal?

Politicians rarely commit crimes and that is because they have the power to convert actions that were once criminal in nature into legal activities. Minister responsible for State Secrecy and reducing accountability Pollievre’s new bill appears to do just that: … Continue reading

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In Stephen Harper’s eyes I might well be an Anti-Semite – but how is this not apartheid?

I know that any criticism of the Israeli state and its actions is now grounds for being called an anti-Semite by the lunatics that have stolen the once proud monicker, Conservative, but would one of those clowns please explain how … Continue reading

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Stephen Poloz – you have just wiped 10% off of the value of my savings. You sir, are a c*nt.

So Stephen Poloz is the genius who has decided that for every ten dollars I earned yesterday, I in fact really only have nine now. Tell me… how is this any different than if a guy had held me up … Continue reading

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So how many times does Shelly Glover have to break the rules before it becomes a pattern?

Shelly Glover got caught fundraising from the very community that her department deals with and funds or doesn’t fund. While I would never say that this was a corrupt event where people saw the benefits of giving to the “re-elect … Continue reading

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Murphy pipebomb – crimes were commited by a lot of people as well as the young man himself.

There has been a lot of speculation about whether someone who wasn’t a wholesome, white Canadian like Murphy would have been treated as leniently as him. That is NOT the point of this post though. The point is to itemise … Continue reading

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York University and it’s “religious” accommodation kerfuffle – Grayson is well intentioned but wrong

As a card carrying atheist I really do not like any religious interference in how the country is run. I do not like the deluded getting tax exempt status for their little social clubs where they sit around inventing stories … Continue reading

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Harper has a tantrum – Remember when the Harper Conservatives thought mentioning China was tantamount to treason – Harper’s year end interviews not withstanding.

So it looks like our infant in chief is busy throwing all his toys out of the pram yet again. CTV have been told that they will not get a chance to lob softballs at our chief petty minister, but … Continue reading

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I thought Vision TV was TV for the pious, maybe pious means something else to the faithful.

So it appears that religious TV channel Vision TV has hired convicted criminal and non-Canadian Conrad Black to “interview” disgraced drunk and hard drug user Rob Ford so they can slander a newspaper reporter with lies. Now Rob and Connie … Continue reading

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