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Russia enters the Crimea – NATO and the West is hoist on its own petard – Kosovo redux.

TDL posts that the Russian’s have crossed from Russia into the Crimea in numbers. He also notes that the West is wringing their hands most spectacularly about this action and will write a strongly worded note to Putin telling him … Continue reading

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Ukraine, Russia and the Crimea – the ghost of Kosovo continues to haunt the West

Way back here I wrote a post regarding the precedent that the action of the US and the West had set in wrenching Kosovo from Serbia, altering national boundaries for political expediency and to settle grudges, to show Russia just … Continue reading

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In Stephen Harper’s eyes I might well be an Anti-Semite – but how is this not apartheid?

I know that any criticism of the Israeli state and its actions is now grounds for being called an anti-Semite by the lunatics that have stolen the once proud monicker, Conservative, but would one of those clowns please explain how … Continue reading

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Is the Harper Government abusing it’s authority and creating a conflict of interest over telecoms

According to the G&M the Harper government actively sought telecoms companies to enter the Canadian market, fair enough. Tell them to go for it and then see what happens; I have no problem with that at all. The New York-based … Continue reading

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It’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye – Mulcair, Parliamentary Security and apologists like Tim Harper.

I find it somewhat disturbing that those on the left are making excuses for the actions of their great hope for the next PM and his behaviour in accessing Parliament yesterday. Apparently it’s not he biggest scandal on the order … Continue reading

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Cowardly Harper Party Committee members dump on injured Vet rather than the Officers who tried to influence his testimony.

As per Boris’s comment it does in deed appear that the victimisation of an honest witness was conducted by officers in the chain of command. Opposition Liberals will try again Wednesday to hold military officers to account for allegedly attempting … Continue reading

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Harper Government – synonym for lying, cowardly piece of crap.

The story of Corporal Glen Kirkland is a sad indictment of the honesty and integrity of the current Canadian government and right wing politics in general. An injured Canadian soldier who testified about his struggle for health benefits has been … Continue reading

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Murikan, commie pinkoes looking for root causes again – Don’t they realise Harper’s declared that treasonous?

Yep it’s true that nest of fifth columnists, taliban lovers and all around haters of freedom the US Dept of Defence is seeking reasons for why people believe bullshit and hold on to ridiculous ideas as gospel (or like the … Continue reading

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The reason why Harper doesn’t like root causes – it makes his friends look bad.

Recently Stephen “Bud Boomer” Harper has pooh poohed thinking and instead advocated action is all that is needed. This cashmere wearing, kitten hugging mail clerk has got his macho on. It is all a bit to contrived and nauseating to … Continue reading

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Vic Toews wants more powers to fight terrorism, but not to determine root causes ok – Fair enough which of the ones that you are requesting would have prevented the Boston Bombing?

As usual those in power would like more power to tell us what we can and cannot do. The fact that Toews thinks we are well prepared for any Boston type situation doesn’t mean that that we have enough anti-terrorism … Continue reading

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