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Guilty until proven Innocent – Minerva, Joe Oliver, the far right and their cowardly fear of everyone and everything.

In the recent past when Joe Oliver was doing the Oil Industry’s bidding on the public dime he made a very (in)famous statement. Unfortunately, there are environmental and other radical groups that would seek to block this opportunity to diversify … Continue reading

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Hang on I thought “guns don’t kill people?”

Another tragic victim of an irresponsible gun owner dies over the weekend in Florida. The family has my heartfelt condolences, this is truly a shocking event as it would have come out of the blue. That said I must admit … Continue reading

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Indian Reporter shows why IDF bombardment in the aftermath of a rocket launch by Hamas will only ever kill civilians.

An Indian reporter amazingly managed to capture a Hamas rocket launching crew set up and fire a rocket into Israel. These terrorists committed a war crime and there is no doubt about that. They are pieces of crap who deliberately … Continue reading

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Scott Reid – “Conservative with Libertarian leanings” picks the speck of dust out of other’s eyes while ignoring the beam in his teams eyes.

Firstly in this day and age how can one actually believe the oxymoronic phrase “Conservative with Libertarian leanings.” If you are a member of the Harper trained seal show then you are far from leaning towards Libertarianism. Reid apparently is … Continue reading

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U of S debacle – maybe it is a symptom of Conservative neglect, just like in Alberta.

A lot has been written about the anti-free speech moves by the U of S hierarchy and quite rightly so. But none of the reporters have bothered asking what drove university administrators to attack faculty and service providers in such … Continue reading

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When listening to Conservative/Wild Rose/PC politicians making promises…. remember this

“We’re not running a deficit. We have planned a realistic scenario. We’ve got conservative budget estimates. We’ve got a modest platform that doesn’t even fill the existing fiscal room that we have and we have plenty of flexibility in how … Continue reading

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Hudak is hubris personified or maybe just incompetent – Conservatives really do think that it’s all about them.

To film on the Toronto subway you need a permit – not if you are Hudak. When asked to get off by a transit cop you really should – not if you are Hudak. If you are delaying the journey … Continue reading

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