UKip – why do all their supporters remind me of Roderick Spode’s brownshorts?

No seriously all of them are as seriously messed up as Spode and his Blackshorts, except they have no self realisation with regard to just how like him their thoroughly repugnant views are.

Still while they are having their 15 minutes of fame, it’s always good to remind one’s self of just how preposterous and fanatical they are.

UKip is another astroturf organisation; a millionaire’s play thing comprised of people too stupid to realise that they are being used in a manner that is diametrically opposed to what they think they are doing. Dumber than a sack of spanners but still dangerous the lot of them. UKip supporters would be the Gestapos/Stasi snitch on the street in days of yore, but these modern incarnations haven’t the awareness to realise that.

Still at least I got to read Wooster again.

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Harper and and Coyne whine about the SCC Senate decision – Why don’t we ask Lawyers and political scientists instead?

Harper and one of his mouthpieces Coyne are distraught that they can’t just do stuff on a whim. Oh woe is us we can’t just change the constitutional basis for how the country is run just because we want to.

But as a journo why didn’t Coyne question the fact that a second year laws student would be able to answer the government’s question as put to the SCC in the first place? Why didn’t he question why the government wasted so much time and money promising to do something in a manner that it was obvious they couldn’t do? They made a promise in the full knowledge that they would never have to follow through on it – they once again lied for cosmetic reasons.

But more importantly they lied when they said nothing could be done now the SCC had shackled them, there’s plenty they could do to make the Senate more of a useful body; but that would involve actually appointing strong people with principles and a strong character – not the usual bunch of lightweights and party shills that get appointed now. He is afraid to lose control so any reform there is unacceptable to the micro-manager in chief.

Political scientists like Don Lenihan have a few insights on this. He even undercuts Coyne’s whiniest point about a “selection process” completely

As University of Ottawa Law Professor Errol Mendez notes, “The Court’s decision would not impede Justin Trudeau’s screening process just as it would not see anything wrong with the present screening process for appointment of superior court judges.”

But notice Lenihan asked a constitutional lawyer about constitutional matters and didn’t just take the explanation of an ex mail boy with an economics degree like Coyne did.

This government has constantly thought it could bully and lie its wishes into law and at every turn it has been told no. What that indicates is that this government is ignorant of the processes of government (to the great cost of the tax payer) and as such is unfit to govern. The fact that Coyne believes the talking points and anything this abject failure of a PM has to say makes Coyne a very suspect source of any real information.

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CBC illustrates why it is needed and why the knuckle draggers want it gone – Temporary Foreign Workers Scandal

In one fell swoop the CBC illustrates why an independent broadcaster is a boon to Canada – they will cover stories that the corporately sponsored media won’t.

Is there any other media outlet that would have spent the time and effort on unearthing the corruption that rings around corporate boardrooms and the corridors of Parliament like they did? They have itemised the suffering and exploitation of some of the most vulnerable people that has been legitimised by this most inhuman of governments in the name of greed and pushing down living standards for the most vulnerable of Canadians to embellish the corporate bottom line. Corporations that pay less tax, if any than the average Canadian on minimum wage.

No there isn’t and don’t look to the separatist owned Sun chain for any such effort – they can whine and moan but offer nothing in terms of real journalism in return.

The CBC is worth every penny and more besides, no wonder the sadists on the right hate you.

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Harpergov – Do as we say, not as we do, especially where China is concerned.

If we needed further proof of just how ethically bankrupt and law breaking that the current government is (and we shouldn’t) we need look no further than how two cases regarding the nuclear non-proliferation treaty were handled by our glorious leader and his band of trained seals.

  1. Lee Specialties Inc. of Red Deer who were fined $90k by the Government of Canada for accidentally shipping $15 worth of rubber rings to Iran. Apparently these rings can be used in part of a process in enriching uranium. The company issued a mea culpa but it did them no good in terms of being hammered by the court.
  2. The Government of Canada changes and weakens rules to circumvent the nuclear proliferation treaty that it is bound by, in order to allow a mining company to export uranium to China.

So a small company gets dinged by the Government for inadvertently sending some stuff to Iran that may have uses in creating nuclear weapons; but uranium which is actually used in creating nuclear weapons is okayed for export to China while ignoring our treaty obligations and with no safeguards.

Do I have that right? And if I do, what kind of messed up justice is that?

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The Rob Anders fiasco continues – Misleading phone calls… a case of monkey see, monkey do??

Oh dear it appears Robbie has been pulling out all the stops in the nomination battle for Calgary Signal Hill.

“I think this is a serious, serious breach, not only of the Canada Elections Act, but of the Criminal Code of Canada and so we’ve asked to have it investigated and we’ll see what the results are. But again, it shows the kind of underhandedness that this guy typically resorts to and we aren’t going to let him get away with it.”

I guess he learned at the feet of the master.

How much do you want to bet that the Party gets to the bottom of these alleged violations of the Elections Act quicker than they helped Elections Canada get to the bottom of those at the last election?

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Nadon – Broken oaths or abuse of privilege, someone lied

Harper got up in the House and made a statement that declared that ALL parties involved in the committee deliberations for the selection of Nadon agreed that the next SCC appointee would be from Quebec. These discussions are are supposed to be kept secret even from the Prime Minister, so:

  1. Someone broke their oath of secrecy and therefore lied, or
  2. Harper lied when he made that statement in the House.

So the list of possible liars in this case is narrowed down to 6 people:







I know where I’d place my money.

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Rob Anders – Jim Flaherty’s unfortunate passing is really all about MEEEEE!

At a time when everyone put politics aside and just after a pretty nasty day in the House of Commons we can leave it to an unmitigated douche-bag like Rob Anders to insist that – yeah Jim’s death is sad and all, but he did help me save each of you $3k.

I’ll leave it there.

Tip NatNewsWatch

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