Hang on I thought “guns don’t kill people?”

Another tragic victim of an irresponsible gun owner dies over the weekend in Florida. The family has my heartfelt condolences, this is truly a shocking event as it would have come out of the blue.

That said I must admit to being mystified when I read this in the report:

The gun accidentally fired and shot Katherine Hoover in the head, according to the Hernando County Sheriff’s Office.

What? The gun did it? All on its lonesome?

The weapon was loaded. The weapon was in a condition whereby it could be fired. The weapon was discharged because as Newton’s First Law reminds us

Every body persists in its state of being at rest or of moving uniformly straight forward, except insofar as it is compelled to change its state by force impressed

Or to put it another way, that gun didn’t kill anyone, the person holding that gun killed the poor young pregnant woman. Responsible gun owners should demand that this irresponsible gun owner never be allowed to own a gun again and the Sheriff’s department should stop covering for someone who was negligent and in all probability committed manslaughter through their use of weasel words.

(h/t Inverse Square Blog)

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Indian Reporter shows why IDF bombardment in the aftermath of a rocket launch by Hamas will only ever kill civilians.

An Indian reporter amazingly managed to capture a Hamas rocket launching crew set up and fire a rocket into Israel.

These terrorists committed a war crime and there is no doubt about that. They are pieces of crap who deliberately target civilians in random acts of terror and I personally hope they leave this life as soon as possible.

There is however something that the IDF should learn from this amazing piece of empirical evidence and that is – Any retaliation that they direct back to the launch site stands no chance of harming the terrorists; even if it immediately follows the launch.

The terrorists are no longer in the immediate area, but non-combatants are. So now that this fact has been made public, the IDF should remember that fact when acting in the future. If they don’t, then they cannot plead ignorance when non-combatants are killed as collateral damage.

These non-combatants are not human shields because the rocket and the terrorists do not need shielding, they are patsies who have been set up for the fall. The IDF, who now know this, will be guilty of a war crime themselves if they fire back because they are knowingly firing at an area with no combatants in it, only non-combatants.

Maybe the release of the video and the intelligence it brings will mean a reduction in the number of non-combatants being killed.

We can always hope.

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Scott Reid – “Conservative with Libertarian leanings” picks the speck of dust out of other’s eyes while ignoring the beam in his teams eyes.

Firstly in this day and age how can one actually believe the oxymoronic phrase “Conservative with Libertarian leanings.” If you are a member of the Harper trained seal show then you are far from leaning towards Libertarianism.

Reid apparently is a trifle distressed that the RCMP entered homes to check if folk were trapped by rising flood waters in High river and securing large quantities of unsafely stored firearms as they discovered them. He is determined to represent his constituent and protect their rights. Only they weren’t his constituents and he was safely back in the Ottawa Valley at the time that the RCMP were boating through rising flood waters to ensure everyone in High River was safe.

Reid thinks they should have used used “thermal imaging technology” and “not enter the buildings concerned.” But like most MPs who have no experience of this kind of thing he is clueless about that on which he seeks popular acclaim. If the more common thermal imaging cameras could see through house walls then suspects wouldn’t disappear when they entered a building on all those cop-chase shows. Glass and shiny objects are tough on it too. Now if they had TI equipment that could go through walls, what do you think the chances are that there would be some of that “as of yet” hypothetical equipment in the High River RCMP detachment for immediate deployment? Should they have waited in the face of rising waters?

But Reid’s ignorance in this arena is not what this post is about; rather it is focused more on his “Libertarian” credentials. Given the amount of spying that his Party wish to do on Canadians illustrated most recently by the instructions from the Government Operations Centre, I would suggest that Reid is nothing more than than a “statist in Libertarian clothing.” (h/t Dawg for the phrase.)

Scott if you really are interested in keeping people as free from state intrusion as possible, then maybe rather than focusing on a conspiracy theory initiated by gun nuts, who insecurely stored their arms and ammunition and were covered by the RCMP instead of charged; you should be more worried about these statement from your own party.

The Government Operations Centre needs to be prepared to respond to any potential event to ensure confidence in government and continuity of federal services,” James said. “Canadians expect nothing less.”

“Peaceful protests can suddenly turn violent, just as law-abiding citizens can suddenly create a crime.”

So if all demonstrators and demos need to be spied upon because they can “suddenly turn violent,” does the last part of that sentence mean that there are plans for all law-abiding citizens to be spied upon because we could suddenly “create[sic] a crime?” Because that looks like that is is what the CPoC spokesperson is claiming.

If this isn’t more important to you than grandstanding by taking pot-shots at people trying to do the right thing in dangerous circumstances, then you are the furthest thing from a Libertarian that there is.

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U of S debacle – maybe it is a symptom of Conservative neglect, just like in Alberta.

A lot has been written about the anti-free speech moves by the U of S hierarchy and quite rightly so. But none of the reporters have bothered asking what drove university administrators to attack faculty and service providers in such an irresponsible manner.

That, in my opinion, has a lot to do with the government in Sask and their anti-intellectual crusade; something that the ex minister of education in Alberta, Tom Lukaszuk could relate too.

The Alberta PCs have been nothing but a bunch of vandals who actively seek to destroy tertiary education in Alberta in order to gain votes from the Alberta tea party (Wild Rose Alliance) and I would bet that Brad Wall (Harper’s mini-me) or one of his puppets was more involved in the fiasco at the U of S in much the same way, especially given his response

Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall used his Twitter account to congratulate Gordon Barnhart, who had been appointed interim president. Barnhart, a long-time academic, is the former lieutenant-governor of Saskatchewan.

The modern Conservative hates education and is seeking to reduce its horizon expanding influence by restricting it’s ability to educate. Education and knowledge is the enemy of the modern Conservative and it wouldn’t surprise me if the actions of the ass Wall precipitated the events at the U of S and he is pulling a Harper and hiding his responsibility. The modern Conservative is after all just a coward.

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When listening to Conservative/Wild Rose/PC politicians making promises…. remember this

We’re not running a deficit. We have planned a realistic scenario. We’ve got conservative budget estimates. We’ve got a modest platform that doesn’t even fill the existing fiscal room that we have and we have plenty of flexibility in how we phase it. So that’s our policy. We’re not going into deficit.”

Compounded by this

“This country will not go into recession next year and will lead the G-7 countries,”Harper declared just four days before the Oct. 14 vote. “We have every reason to believe Canada will stay out of recession if Canada doesn’t start raising taxes and spending itself into deficit.”

especially when you consider this

It was equally perplexing how Mr. Harper missed the imminent threat of a Canadian recession he predicted would only happen if Canadians elected a carbon-taxing Liberal government, particularly given that last December he was already predicting tough times ahead for Canada.

Conservatives are probably no more clueless than any other party except that they may lie more.

Just FYI.

PS. It’s also interesting to note how the Headline changed on the Martin piece depending on who published it.

Canada.com Hed

Harper flip-flops on running a deficit


Nat Post Hed

Times much rosier during election

Oh that left wing bias in the media it’s all so apparent now isn’t it?

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Hudak is hubris personified or maybe just incompetent – Conservatives really do think that it’s all about them.

  1. To film on the Toronto subway you need a permit – not if you are Hudak.
  2. When asked to get off by a transit cop you really should – not if you are Hudak.
  3. If you are delaying the journey of hundreds of people because you messed up you should keep that delay to a minimum and step off to discuss matters, after all another train would be along in a bit – not if you are Hudak.
  4. If you are a leader of a party who wants to govern Ontario then when things are going pear shaped you should really step up and take charge – not if you are Hudak.

A lack of respect for by-laws, a lack of respect for travellers and a total inability to manage a situation like this do not make me think this man will run Ontario anywhere than further into the ground.

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CNN/Bill Nye – It looks like the word “bullying” is going to lose all meaning thanks to the efforts of the Right to stifle the dissemination of facts.

Unbelievable attempts a censorship by an increasing relativist right wing in the West have made the term anti-Semitism meaningless. Now it looks like they are having a go at the word bully.

Orwell’s concept of language losing all meaning because of political manipulation is alive and well amongst the N American rightwing.

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