U of S debacle – maybe it is a symptom of Conservative neglect, just like in Alberta.

A lot has been written about the anti-free speech moves by the U of S hierarchy and quite rightly so. But none of the reporters have bothered asking what drove university administrators to attack faculty and service providers in such an irresponsible manner.

That, in my opinion, has a lot to do with the government in Sask and their anti-intellectual crusade; something that the ex minister of education in Alberta, Tom Lukaszuk could relate too.

The Alberta PCs have been nothing but a bunch of vandals who actively seek to destroy tertiary education in Alberta in order to gain votes from the Alberta tea party (Wild Rose Alliance) and I would bet that Brad Wall (Harper’s mini-me) or one of his puppets was more involved in the fiasco at the U of S in much the same way, especially given his response

Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall used his Twitter account to congratulate Gordon Barnhart, who had been appointed interim president. Barnhart, a long-time academic, is the former lieutenant-governor of Saskatchewan.

The modern Conservative hates education and is seeking to reduce its horizon expanding influence by restricting it’s ability to educate. Education and knowledge is the enemy of the modern Conservative and it wouldn’t surprise me if the actions of the ass Wall precipitated the events at the U of S and he is pulling a Harper and hiding his responsibility. The modern Conservative is after all just a coward.

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When listening to Conservative/Wild Rose/PC politicians making promises…. remember this

We’re not running a deficit. We have planned a realistic scenario. We’ve got conservative budget estimates. We’ve got a modest platform that doesn’t even fill the existing fiscal room that we have and we have plenty of flexibility in how we phase it. So that’s our policy. We’re not going into deficit.”

Compounded by this

“This country will not go into recession next year and will lead the G-7 countries,”Harper declared just four days before the Oct. 14 vote. “We have every reason to believe Canada will stay out of recession if Canada doesn’t start raising taxes and spending itself into deficit.”

especially when you consider this

It was equally perplexing how Mr. Harper missed the imminent threat of a Canadian recession he predicted would only happen if Canadians elected a carbon-taxing Liberal government, particularly given that last December he was already predicting tough times ahead for Canada.

Conservatives are probably no more clueless than any other party except that they may lie more.

Just FYI.

PS. It’s also interesting to note how the Headline changed on the Martin piece depending on who published it.

Canada.com Hed

Harper flip-flops on running a deficit


Nat Post Hed

Times much rosier during election

Oh that left wing bias in the media it’s all so apparent now isn’t it?

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Hudak is hubris personified or maybe just incompetent – Conservatives really do think that it’s all about them.

  1. To film on the Toronto subway you need a permit – not if you are Hudak.
  2. When asked to get off by a transit cop you really should – not if you are Hudak.
  3. If you are delaying the journey of hundreds of people because you messed up you should keep that delay to a minimum and step off to discuss matters, after all another train would be along in a bit – not if you are Hudak.
  4. If you are a leader of a party who wants to govern Ontario then when things are going pear shaped you should really step up and take charge – not if you are Hudak.

A lack of respect for by-laws, a lack of respect for travellers and a total inability to manage a situation like this do not make me think this man will run Ontario anywhere than further into the ground.

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CNN/Bill Nye – It looks like the word “bullying” is going to lose all meaning thanks to the efforts of the Right to stifle the dissemination of facts.

Unbelievable attempts a censorship by an increasing relativist right wing in the West have made the term anti-Semitism meaningless. Now it looks like they are having a go at the word bully.

Orwell’s concept of language losing all meaning because of political manipulation is alive and well amongst the N American rightwing.

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Wente in the G&M – I’m not too sure that stupidity is a step up from plagiarism.

Margaret Wente has managed to get another piece printed in the G&M. In it she preaches the usual anti-intellectual boiler plate that is part and parcel of neo-con/corporatist propaganda these days.

Although highly educated social progressives are alarmed by the scenario, hardly anybody else is. In a recent Associated Press poll on Americans’ top concerns, just 5 per cent of respondents said inequality was a major problem that needed attention. Nearly all of those who said it was a problem said they doubted the government could do anything immediate to address it. In fact, long-running Gallup polls have consistently found that Americans’ top issue is dissatisfaction with government.

So educated people are worried, but given the fact that they are outnumbered by the majority of the US population everything is fine; because all the world’s problems are solved by a majority in a gallop poll.. right? By this logic the hole in the ozone layer could have been voted into non-existence back in the day because only those elitist climate scientists said it existed. It would have been easy to ask the American people if they were worried then and I’m betting a pound to a pinch of dog-pooh it wouldn’t have even garnered a single vote.

Being educated I clicked on her link and that’s when I realised she was not being entirely honest about what her source in fact said either.

Unemployment, Economy and Debt were the top three on the list and guess what Ms Wente? All of these are directly related to inequality via the attempts to rig the system to suit the increasingly fewer super wealthy. Sure if you looked for a category “Increasing inequality” then it wasn’t there, but anyone who is honest in looking for answers and has a modicum of intelligence knows that the three top categories that Americans are concerned about are all part of that growing inequality.

She also went on about how well Canada’s middle class is doing compared to the devastated US middle class, you know the group that had no worries about issues that lead to a greater inequality in earnings, lifespans etc.  She even cited a report that illustrated that the unfettered antics of corporations and “less government” advocates had led to greater inequality; but because those who had been dumped on didn’t specifically cite “income inequality” as a concern; just jobs, the economy and debt, all is well. In the space of a couple of paragraphs Wente’s inability to comprehend the sources she cited as supportive of her position completely undercut anything she had to say. Her source population was worried about “income inequality” as well as a declining standard of living and both her sources declared this in a loud and clear manner to anyone who could read. Yet some how Wente came to the opposite conclusion.

This truly is a piece that doesn’t hold together in anyway what so ever and does the Globe and Mail no favours at all. I have to wonder what on earth her editor was doing? The only thing that Wente wrote in her outpouring that was in anyway accurate was this.

I’m not qualified to analyze Mr. Piketty’s work, which even critics have described as “brilliant.”

If only she had stopped there, because she went on to try and do exactly what she said she couldn’t do and illustrated that maybe her former tactic of plagiarism wasn’t such a bad thing after all. Well as long as she “borrowed”the work from someone who could read a simple report that is

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Nadon Appointment – Back here I mentioned that someone lied, but it goes on.

In a previous post I mentioned that

These discussions are are supposed to be kept secret even from the Prime Minister, so:

  1. Someone broke their oath of secrecy and therefore lied, or

  2. Harper lied when he made that statement in the House.

Well it looks like leaks from that committee are still happening.

Ms. McLachlin hit back in a statement released by her executive legal officer, Owen Rees. He said she did not lobby against the appointment but was consulted by a parliamentary committee on the government’s short list and the needs of the court.

It is also clear why so many Harper government “laws” are being struck down too

But, privately, MPs on the government side of the House are bitter. “It’s clear that Canadians don’t make laws through their governments any more. Instead, they watch while unelected courts override important community standards,” said one MP, speaking about the court’s decision to strike down Canada’s prostitution law. “[Canadians] are powerless to act through their government and left to live by court edict that doesn’t have any public support.”

MPs have not got a clue what the function of the courts are and ignore their own illegal/unconstitutional behaviour in order to blame others for doing their job. The Charter exists and most Harper MPs don’t like it, I get that; however that doesn’t mean you can ignore it when drafting laws.

The intellectual prowess of those who form the current ruling cabal is best illustrated by this

“The left will celebrate this as a triumph — what they couldn’t achieve politically, they have achieved through decades of court appointees,” said one MP, ignoring the fact that the majority of the current court was appointed by Stephen Harper.

So I guess it is no surprise that given that indicator of the intelligence of the average Tory back-bencher is below that of a wood-louse that they also have no regard for committee rules. The committee is leaking and I would hazard a guess that it isn’t the non-Harper seals who are doing it.

It appears that this fact might be gaining a wider audience. Good, because somebody needs taking to task for being a fool.

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UKip – why do all their supporters remind me of Roderick Spode’s brownshorts?

No seriously all of them are as seriously messed up as Spode and his Blackshorts, except they have no self realisation with regard to just how like him their thoroughly repugnant views are.

Still while they are having their 15 minutes of fame, it’s always good to remind one’s self of just how preposterous and fanatical they are.

UKip is another astroturf organisation; a millionaire’s play thing comprised of people too stupid to realise that they are being used in a manner that is diametrically opposed to what they think they are doing. Dumber than a sack of spanners but still dangerous the lot of them. UKip supporters would be the Gestapos/Stasi snitch on the street in days of yore, but these modern incarnations haven’t the awareness to realise that.

Still at least I got to read Wooster again.

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