Dogwhistle lying – Brian Lilley knows that the Harper base are dumber than a sack of hammers, so his lies aren’t even disguised now.

The latest emanation from the otherwise unemployable Brian Lilley is staggering in its illogical structure. The only people who could even think this was a coherent statement are those who are so stupid that they probably cannot function without help in society.

Ezra’s slightly less intelligent “mini-me” is trying to conflate two very different instances in order to whip up the knuckle draggers who think he is an intellectual from the right.

He complains about the apparent anti-christian, anti-white bias in those who are railing against the racists in the Harper government over the niqab affair and the low-brows are eating it up.

In 2003, citing security concerns, new government regulations were brought in regarding photo identification.

The move changed an existing law that did not require everyone to have photo ID.

Q1 – did this requirement for photo ID extend to muslim Canadians too?

A1: Yes it did. So Brian and his idiots… as it applied to ALL Canadians then it was not discriminatory was it? And remember the point of photo ID is to identify (the ID bit) the person possessing it. So niqab wearing muslim women would also have had to remove any face coverings in order to be photographed as well.

And Brian stumbles onward

There is a valid security concern about who is taking the oath of citizenship. In Canada, we have always taken oaths and sworn testimony with faces uncovered. There were no rules because none were needed. It was expected and it was how we operated.

Let me fix that for you jackass, “There is a valid security concern that a new citizen’s identity be established prior to them signing the citizenship agreement.”

The lady taking the oath had already had her identity established while signing the paperwork. The oath is purely ceremony and not in anyway a part of the legal/security process. So taking an oath in this case is not accompanied by any security risks at all.

Why are hateful cowards always so stupid?

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“Leadership” – You keep using that word, I do not think it means what you think it means.

There’s been a lot of talk about Leadership on the Harper re-election campaign.

So much so that it has even made an appearance in the woods

But when Stephen Harper has been asked about Leadership when it comes to his own party’s nefarious dealings with allegedly bribing a sitting Senator (for Duffy is charged with taking a bribe) it’s crickets. When Harper proudly displayed his Leadership credentials by saying he sacked Nigel Wright while on radio; when it came to Ray Novak….. it again was crickets. In fact it was worse than crickets.

Asked repeatedly about Novak on Wednesday, Harper said he wasn’t going to comment on a matter before the courts.

“I am not going to cherry-pick facts that are in dispute before a court,” Harper said in London, Ont.


These are the two people whose actions are responsible for this situation and that’s why I’ve held them accountable and I’m not going to go around holding everybody else accountable for their actions,” he said.

The last bit of that sentence is ambiguous in the extreme [Example (tip BCL)], but it sure as hell doesn’t sound like the guy who held Paul Martin responsible for Chretien’s mess about a decade ago.

“At worst, he personally ordered it done and chose the people who executed the plan. At the very least, he fostered an attitude within the party […], chose the managers of the people who committed these crimes and completely and utterly failed to exercise any oversight, supervision or leadership.
In the end, it doesn’t really matter where [his] actions or lack of them fall on that scale. He is the leader and a leader is responsible for the actions of the people he leads.
If he had a right or honorable bone in his body, he’d admit that and resign immediately.”
– Stephen Harper, during the Gomery investigation”

In fact it sounds like the complete opposite of Leadership.

A leader

  • does not hide in a bathroom in Brazil until he gets his way.
  • does not run away to Davos to deliver painful policy decisions
  • does not run away from his policy mess-ups by proroging twice
  • does not hide behind “I won’t comment on something because it is before the courts” when it suits him, but is happy to comment on things before the courts when it does… Khadr is an example.
  • does not vet people before they can attend his heavily controlled and scripted PR presentations.
  • does not limit reporters to 4 questions per day
  • does not chuck staffers under the bus for his errors or the errors of senior members of his party
  • does not abandon his colleagues and hide in a closet – This may have been somewhat understandable, but real leaders throughout history have not done this.

Leadership hey, in the words of the inimitable Inigo Montoya

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Is Harper living in a world of make believe – life in the fuhrer-bunker and the perils of group-think

He said “instability in the world” is no reason to ditch an economic plan that he insists is working.

“Analysts are predicting good growth for this economy into the future as long as we stay on track,” he said.

“It is a time to stick to our plan, make wise investments, control our spending, lower taxes and make sure our fiscal situation is balanced and strong.”

But how can you stick to a plan that has clearly failed to deliver what the Prime Minister claims it has? Doing the same thing and expecting different results is the definition of madness according to Einstein; but it appears that this is the Harper plan.

But according to this report, Harper has not been the bestest economic genius in the whole world evah. In fact in a look at the records of all the PMs Canada has had since the end of the Second World War, he ranks last.

This statistical review confirms that it is far-fetched to suggest that Canada’s economy has been well-managed during the Harper government’s time in office. To the contrary, there is no other time in Canada’s postwar economic history in which Canada’s performance has performed worse than it did under the Harper government.

So what explains this disconnect? And then I remembered the refusal of Harper and Oily Joe to admit that Canada was in a recession

“First off, we’re not in a recession,” Oliver was quoted by Bloomberg as saying. “We don’t believe we will be in a recession.”

despite the definition of recession being pretty straight forward.

Technically, economists define a recession as two consecutive quarters with negative GDP growth.

Then it struck me, this is reminiscent of the many war films out there that have a delusional Hitler urging his people to fight to the death, to the last bullet despite the fact that the Soviets are knocking on the door. To the delusional Hitler it is clear that with just a little more of the same, he will prevail; so what is left of his people need to suffer just to prove that he was right all along.

As the conciliatory phrase fell, there was a lengthy, relaxing pause. The Fuehrer sat down. So did Speer, unasked, a real breach of established court etiquette. Now Hitler began again, this time almost pleading. “Speer, if you can convince yourself that the war is not lost, you can continue running your shop.”

The request was simple enough in its emptiness. It was a request for lip service, the real language of the unreal world of the bunker, the lingua franca of self-deceivers.

And Harper also has his “braying donkey’s” in the form of Oily Joe, Pierre Pollievre, Jason Kenney and all the other sycophants to agree with him, no matter what is happening outside in reality.

Now I’m not calling Harper Hitler, that would be far too crass and inaccurate, but the Montreal speech and the obvious untruth about just how well his government has done, shows just how deluded Harper and his inner circle have become. (As does the refusal to accept that arecession was happening.) The existence and future of many around the PM depend on Harper continuing as PM with a majority, so they are as commited to the delusion as he is. I wonder who will be Harper’s “Speer” and point out the fact that he isn’t that good a leader, he’s a terrible economist and that he has crapped things up monumentally? Who will pierce the bounds of the bubble of fantasty that surrounds the PMO and shields those within from seeing the results of their actions?

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Just who is ignoring intelligence experts and enabling terrorists? Baird and Harper appear to be ISIS greatest allies.

It didn’t take a genius to predict that military intervention to ensure the over throw of Muamar Ghadafi would result in civil war and destabilise the whole region. It did in Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen and every place that Western Politicians have decided to show the world that they have stones for a fight.

But to wilfully ignore the advice of those whose job it is to know these things is criminal negligence on a massive scale. But that is just what John Baird and Stephen Harper did.

Just days before, however, Canadian intelligence specialists sent a briefing report shared with senior officers. “There is the increasing possibility that the situation in Libya will transform into a long-term tribal/civil war,” they wrote in their March 15, 2011 assessment. “This is particularly probable if opposition forces received military assistance for foreign militaries.”

Every death in Libya since our F18s went in and removed the stabilising, albeit brutal, influence of Gaddafi is on Harper and Baird’s hands and they can’t say that they weren’t told. Most amateurs can trace a direct line from the training and equipping of Afghanis to fight the Soviets in the 80s to the emergence of Al Qaeda and ISIS today; via Iraq and Afghanistan and now Libya and possible Syria with Iran in the crosshairs.

When politicians ignore military intelligence to engage in image building exercises then they should be called out on it. And that is precisely what Harper and Baird did. They messed up to such a degree that the mission was widely ridiculed in Military Intelligence circles.

Some officers in the Canadian Forces tried to raise concerns early on in the war that removing Gadhafi would play into the hands of Islamic extremists, but military sources say those warnings went unheeded. Later, military members would privately joke about Canada’s CF-18s being part of “al-Qaida’s air force,” since their bombing runs helped to pave the way for rebel groups aligned with the terrorist group.

The closet coward and his effete side-kick of a foreign minister needs to be dragged in front of a court and charged with aiding and abetting a terrorist organisation, because that is just what they did.

Everytime you see ISIS kill groups in Libya in the future remember that those deaths were avoidable and it was Harper and Baird who, in large part, enabled it allowed it to happen.

“Lions led by lambs” is a common enough phrase, but in this case it really doesn’t cover it. I wish that there was an animal that had the following characteristics – ignorance, intolerance, pride, cowardice, stupidity, spinelessness and a lack of empathy. But the only place that such a beast exists is in the Conservative Party of Canada.

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Let’s take a break from calling everything mysogynistic shall we?

A women in politics advocate responded to the weekend’s comments by a PC flack about our new health minister’s weight thusly

“The comments that were made were totally inappropriate and the person who made them should resign,” she said. “It’s misogynist. It’s inappropriate. … Since when has appearance had anything to do with legitimacy in terms of your intelligence and ability to be a legislator?”

then, she went on to add

She said comments such as Lien’s would never be made about a male politician.

Oh really? I wonder how someone based in Ontario never heard about a guy called Rob Ford? I believe he was called a “fat fuck” by a member of the media while in chambers.

Then of course there was Dion’s gaff regarding Harper.

Stephen Harper’s troops aren’t laughing at an apparent fat joke directed at the prime minister by his chief rival Stephane Dion.

So that’s two powerful guys who were ridiculed because of their excess weight and that puts lie to the howlings of misogyny from those who see it everywhere.  This was not a misogynistic remark, it was body shaming, but these barbs are leveled at everyone no matter what they identify as. It is illustrative at how quickly the politically active are in taking offence, while minimising the same thing when their side does it though.

The term misogynist is rapidly joining, Marxist, fascist, anti-semite as a meaningless term, due to it’s universal use to try and censor people’s speech by lazy people with an axe to grind.

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If FIFA re-elect Blatter then they should all be arrested – He is a crook and FIFA has been shown to have failed on his watch.

Football authorities love charging players, managers, coaches and everyone else with bringing the game into disrepute. There is only really ever one group that does that and they never get charged; and that is the princelings who belong on the FIFA councils and committees. More have been arrested today for being filthy, crooked bastards yet their teflon-don leader hasn’t accepted responsibility for what has happened while he has been FIFA’s supreme leader.

In fact he is running for yet another term, so he can continue to besmirch the name of Football. And the organisation is so full of corruption that a man with his record is confident he will win. It’s not as though the evidence hasn’t been highlighted in the past. Andrew Jennings has done a stalwart job of this. He has also highlighted similar abuses in the IOC – same horse different jockey.

Maybe it is time for the West to listen to the people. I don’t expect much to change in the ranks of third world FIFA representatives as they either bought their place on the committees as an investment on future returns, or inherited them from their fathers who passed membership down as a corrupt birthright. But the West needs to seriously consider setting up its own Football regulatory body with an open and transparent working practice.

A poll of more than 35,000 football fans in 30 countries released before the election to pick the next president of FIFA, world football’s governing body, showed that four out of five fans do not think Sepp Blatter should stand for the post and 69.2 per cent said they had no confidence in FIFA.

The Guardian described Blatter as “the most successful non-homicidal dictator of the past century.” But given this

I’m not sure that that is true.

Something is rotten in FIFA and it is the whole of FIFA – top to bottom it is a criminal enterprise and it needs to be sorted out. If it was based anywhere else than criminal/Nazi loving Switzerland it probably would have been dealt with by now. But even the Swiss are getting embarrassed by Blatter and Co that they have had enough too.

Blatter needs to go and so do all the others – we need to start afresh, and possibly anew.

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RMC – Staff and cadets, this is what leadership on the issue of sexual abuse looks like.

Oh for a general who leads, but that seems beyond the CF these days. Their role is to run interference for the coward who is our PM.

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Royal Military College – complete breakdown in military discipline amongst those who would presume to lead.

As someone who was born into a military family and served in uniform myself, I find the breakdown in good order that occurred in Canada’s Royal Military College a few months ago an inexcusable and obscene happening.

In what appears to be a throwback to the Flashmanesque world of entitled but stupid officers it is a disgrace that borders on mutiny. The fact that the Commandant of the RMC is still in his position beggars belief, given the break down in unit cohesion that occurred on his watch. The fact that he oversaw attempts to get the target of the barbs from these oafish hooray-henries to apologise, indicates that he is a fucking disgrace to the uniform. It isn’t that long ago that he would have been given a loaded revolver and told to do the decent thing. But now he should at the very least resign, or be sacked.

Like most of these places, I’m sure there is a hierarchy within the student ranks and that some students are senior to the others. It worked that way when I attended a military educational facility. So why weren’t these senior students hauled in and asked what the hell happened, and why did they allow such reprehensible conduct to go on unchecked?

Ordinary soldiers, like those in the British Army back in the Boer War/WW1 should be very worried at the quality of individual that is claiming to be qualified to lead them. It is sad to see that the future CF Officer Corps is comprised of entitled wankers who have no idea how to behave when someone points out the actual law to them. The modern junior military officer is about as well behaved as a chimp, who chucks poo at things that frighten them; except of course the chimp has an excuse – it’s an ape. We are too, but we’ve evolved.. but not it appears, those of us who aspire to leadership in the CF.

Heads should roll, they would have done in my old unit and they would have done in my father’s/grandfather’s/brother’s time too. But watch how the usual twats make excuses for the inexcusable dude-bro attitude of the wankers with pips.

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Is Jason Kenney in over his head? One day 200m is not the front line, but the next day 128kms is.

In his staggeringly farcical attempts to cover this Harper government’s ass, Jason Kenney has made blunder after blunder in his guise as Minister of Defence this week.

First he tried to cover for the Prime Minister’s word mangling in the HoC, about CF personnel only being in Iraq for training purposes when a brick of CF special forces personnel were subjected to friendly fire.

In the Commons, Harper assured MPs that Canadian soldiers would not accompany Kurdish troops into battle.

He did this by insisting that being 200m from the front lines is not, in fact being at the front line.

They weren’t on the front lines,” said Kenney.

“My understanding is that the observation post where the troops were approaching — at about 11 p.m. on Friday night, close to Erbil — was about 200 metres behind the fort [sic] line of our troops, so 200 metres from the front. They had been there earlier in the day, and they were returning to the observation post when it was dark out, and apparently it was a case of mistaken identity,” said Kenney.

Now today Kenney and his brain dead under-strapper Bezan are singing a different tune

 “Since arriving in the Black Sea, Royal Canadian Navy sailors have been confronted by Russian warships and buzzed by Russian fighter jets.”

But actual, real military personnel say otherwise

But NATO officials say the frigate, part of a NATO naval task group, was not buzzed and there was no confrontation.

The Russian vessels could be seen far off on the horizon, kilometres away.

Russian aircraft had flown over the task group at high altitudes and at one point a Russian surveillance aircraft got as close as 69 nautical miles (128 kilometres) from the ships, NATO said.

So yesterday 200m was far from the front line and today on the horizon and flying 128kms away is a confrontation. Seriously now, when even NATO calls you out on your hyperbole, why should Canadian citizens ever believe a words you say?

Seriously Jason, have you ever thought that you were given that portfolio because you will fail, like MacKay and Nicholson before you? You leadership aspirations were clearly noticed and this poisoned chalice was given, so you could sup long and hard on it.

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MRA logic is serioulsy messed up.

So an Argo fan who also happens to be a fearless champion of men’s rights ( a white knight, perchance?) seems to think that because his team is speaking out against violence on women… oh to hell with it, let the guy’s own words do the talking.

The applicant seems to allege that WRC engages in discrimination against men because the WRC does not advocate for male victims of domestic violence and because the WRC portrays men as villains. The applicant maintains that the Argonauts, in expressing support for this cause, has similarly discriminated against men and is perpetuating the message that men are villains. He asserts that as a male this constitutes discrimination against him.”

Without going into stats etc, I’m just going to address the simple version of his case. The Argos just chose to support one particular charity rather than another. The applicant seems to be arguing that you can’t support a charity unless you support all charities, because that means you are discriminating. I guess on a fundamental level he is right. When I choose to have tea in the morning, I’m discriminating against all the other options available to me. But I doubt that any reasonable person would think of starting a Human Rights complaint on behalf of the coffee farmers over my decision. But I guess that is the crux of the matter – MRAs are not reasonable people.

This case is a classic case of dogmatic myopia and stupid reasoning and as such this clown should be laughed at whenever one comes across him.

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