Is Jason Kenney in over his head? One day 200m is not the front line, but the next day 128kms is.

In his staggeringly farcical attempts to cover this Harper government’s ass, Jason Kenney has made blunder after blunder in his guise as Minister of Defence this week.

First he tried to cover for the Prime Minister’s word mangling in the HoC, about CF personnel only being in Iraq for training purposes when a brick of CF special forces personnel were subjected to friendly fire.

In the Commons, Harper assured MPs that Canadian soldiers would not accompany Kurdish troops into battle.

He did this by insisting that being 200m from the front lines is not, in fact being at the front line.

They weren’t on the front lines,” said Kenney.

“My understanding is that the observation post where the troops were approaching — at about 11 p.m. on Friday night, close to Erbil — was about 200 metres behind the fort [sic] line of our troops, so 200 metres from the front. They had been there earlier in the day, and they were returning to the observation post when it was dark out, and apparently it was a case of mistaken identity,” said Kenney.

Now today Kenney and his brain dead under-strapper Bezan are singing a different tune

 “Since arriving in the Black Sea, Royal Canadian Navy sailors have been confronted by Russian warships and buzzed by Russian fighter jets.”

But actual, real military personnel say otherwise

But NATO officials say the frigate, part of a NATO naval task group, was not buzzed and there was no confrontation.

The Russian vessels could be seen far off on the horizon, kilometres away.

Russian aircraft had flown over the task group at high altitudes and at one point a Russian surveillance aircraft got as close as 69 nautical miles (128 kilometres) from the ships, NATO said.

So yesterday 200m was far from the front line and today on the horizon and flying 128kms away is a confrontation. Seriously now, when even NATO calls you out on your hyperbole, why should Canadian citizens ever believe a words you say?

Seriously Jason, have you ever thought that you were given that portfolio because you will fail, like MacKay and Nicholson before you? You leadership aspirations were clearly noticed and this poisoned chalice was given, so you could sup long and hard on it.

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MRA logic is serioulsy messed up.

So an Argo fan who also happens to be a fearless champion of men’s rights ( a white knight, perchance?) seems to think that because his team is speaking out against violence on women… oh to hell with it, let the guy’s own words do the talking.

The applicant seems to allege that WRC engages in discrimination against men because the WRC does not advocate for male victims of domestic violence and because the WRC portrays men as villains. The applicant maintains that the Argonauts, in expressing support for this cause, has similarly discriminated against men and is perpetuating the message that men are villains. He asserts that as a male this constitutes discrimination against him.”

Without going into stats etc, I’m just going to address the simple version of his case. The Argos just chose to support one particular charity rather than another. The applicant seems to be arguing that you can’t support a charity unless you support all charities, because that means you are discriminating. I guess on a fundamental level he is right. When I choose to have tea in the morning, I’m discriminating against all the other options available to me. But I doubt that any reasonable person would think of starting a Human Rights complaint on behalf of the coffee farmers over my decision. But I guess that is the crux of the matter – MRAs are not reasonable people.

This case is a classic case of dogmatic myopia and stupid reasoning and as such this clown should be laughed at whenever one comes across him.

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Has Kinsella been spending to much time with the likes of Levant et al? Because he’s showing some Trudeau derrangement symptoms..

Dear old Warren appears to have spent too much time lying with dogs as he appears to have picked up some unwanted travelers in the form of some very sloppy thinking. He is aghast at Trudeau’s sensible attempt to address the issue of Canada’s involvement in Iraq against the ISIS nutjobs, and asks

Everyone can see the problems here, I think. There are two that jumped out at me. One: is Trudeau already saying – while we have men and women over there on the battlefield, risking their lives – we are going to lose the fight? Two: is he saying that we should only ever fight when we know we can win?

In answer to question 1. Well given our work in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya and the states of peace, good order and democracy we left there after we bolted, I’d go with: it’ll probably be no different. If you classify what happened in those three areas as a victory then we will win here too. If you are a rational human being who is honest, then I think you will admit that we will leave a clusterfuck, just like we’ve done in the past.

So the short answer Warren is – no we won’t win and I reckon we will just create the foundations for the next bunch of extremist loons in the form of a fertile breeding ground and lots of abandoned state of the art weaponry. Just as happened after the last time the mission was accomplished, and the time before that.

In answer to question2. You’re damn right that you don’t start a fight that you have no reasonable expectation of winning and we do it all the time. Who do we take to the ICC and try for war crimes – China, the USA, Russia? Nope, we don’t. We try those who have no choice but to turn over those we indict, because they are powerless to do otherwise. Who do we attack for their terrible record on human rights? China, Russia etc. Nope we attack others for much the same reason. As for the big abusive guys, the real abusers? Hell we do business with them and give sweetheart deals in the form of free trade agreements to them too. The only fights you enter into that you may have no expectation of winning, are those where someone attacked you first. Guess why they attacked you Warren?  Because they thought that they had a reasonable chance of winning.

Seriously, it appears that hanging around the dim-bulbs at the Sun has done you no favours at all sir.

Trudeau amazingly answered the questions pretty correctly, which isn’t bad considering who he is and where he comes from. He shows himself to be a little more astute than a so-called war room genius on this topic.

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Joe Oliver on debt – tell me sir, have you ever visited the planet earth?

“Our government will not embark on massive, costly bureaucratic programs, throw the country into a large deficit and pile on debt that would burden our children and grandchildren.

Err, so what do you call this then cupcake?

Oh and it’s still going up.

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John Baird’s Mboto Gorge – It was a viciously sharp “egg” sir.

Reading  that his highness John Baird of kitschy business card fame was pelted with eggs by Palestinians today brought back memories of the final “Blackadder goes Forth” episode. Baird is more than happy to make excuses for the Israeli government when it kills Palestinians with indiscriminate actions, but I’ve a funny feeling that his debrief to our supreme Closet-occupant will sound much like that Blackadder script.

Edmund: '92, sir -- Mboto Gorge.

Haig: By jingo, yes. We sure gave those pygmies a good squashing.

Edmund: We certainly did, sir. And do you remember...?

Haig: My god, yes. You saved my damn life that day, Blacky. If it weren't for
      you, that pygmy woman with the sharpened mango could have seriously...

Edmund: Well, exactly, sir. And do you remember then that you said that if
        I was ever in real trouble and I really needed a favour that I was
        to call you and you'd do everything you could to help me?

Haig: (sweeps the fallen soldier models into a dustpan) Yes, yes, I do, and
      I stick by it. You know me -- not a man to change my mind.

Edmund: No -- we've noticed that.

Haig: So what do you want? Spit it out, man. (hurls the dead platoon over
      his shoulder)

Edmund: Well, you see, sir, it's the Big Push today, and I'm not all that
        keen to go over the top.

Haig: (sits) Oh, I see. Well...

Edmund: It was a viciously sharp slice of mango, wasn't it, sir...

Except with eggs instead of mangoes. And Johny boy trying to eke some kind of facing down the terrorist angle out of the whole affair a la George Will.

Look on the bright side John dearie, eggs will at least add a shine to your somewhat thinning hair.

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I always thought the Royal Canadian Legion were Tory Toadies, now I know it is true

Today, something has been confirmed, that I thought was true. The Royal Canadian Legion appears to be a Conservative advocacy group that just pays lip service to the modern veteran. It is an old boys club for those constantly looking backwards.

‘Well, you know how I feel about the CVA, it’s the same as the last three years, I have not changed my position, if you want to change your organization, more like the Legion where we have members and we have votes and all this stuff.’

Or shorter O’Toole – roll over and be what I want, while selling out those who you are supposed to represent and I’ll let you pretend you have influence.

It looks like there are two sets of veterans advocates in Canada – those who advocate and those who cover for the Conservative attack on modern veterans.

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There were some interesting developments in terrorism this week. 1 you know about, 2 were ignored… why?

The one you’ve all heard about was the Paris murders of unarmed cartoonists by cowardly Islamist zealots, whose god and prophet are so weak and pathetic that they need armed cowards to kill their unarmed enemies for them. I weep for those murdered by the cowards and grieve with their loved ones.

The next two incidents involved white, home grown US terrorists, so they haven’t received as much coverage. In the first 3 white, home grown terrorists were arrested in the USA before they could embark on their murderous hate fueled campaign against the federal government.

During the online conversations they discussed using guerilla war tactics and planned to launch the attacks against the government this month. They specifically targeted several federal agencies, including the Transportation Security Administration, Department of Homeland Security and Federal Emergency Management Agency.

Secondly came the actual bombing of an NAACP office by a white, military wannabe home grown terrorist. An actual bombing of an office in Colorado Springs and with a few exceptions… nothing in the media.

I guess it’s only terrorism if the perps are not white and the victims are. If it’s the other way around meh.

These terrorists have one thing in common, they are demented bullies who are determined that people should do as they wish and they are quite prepared to kill you if you disagree. The cowardly Islamists, the cowardly bombers from Rome and the coward in Colorado Springs are all cut from the same cloth.

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Are Mohammed, Allah, God, Jesus etc such a thin skinned bunch of wusses that they need mere men to do their retribution for them?

Seriously now answer this, you religious dimwits. Are your “all powerful, all loving, all good” deities and their so-called prophets, so unable to look after their own affairs, that they have to rely on weak and fallible human beings to carry out their justice for them.

What kind of god is it that cannot take care of their own issues? Sure doesn’t sound like a god to me. It sounds more like a god created in the image of the very shallow and frightened people who invented them.

If your god is threatened by a cartoon, gays, sex outside of marriage, strong women etc. then your god isn’t worthy of anything but derision; because your god is nothing but an invisible version of your own anger.

You have done more to reduce the stature of your god in the eyes of many than any cartoon, by your infantile response to any perceived sleight to your views. They are your views alone and by calling them your god’s views, you are making your god more and more like you – a man. A bitter, sad, stupid, venal man. Your projection of your views onto your god should be regarded as blasphemy, by someone like you who rushes to accuse others of such a crime. But consistency of thought, self reflection and humility are not what you find in the average zealot.

Your very existence and actions argue against the existence of an all knowing, all powerful and all good deity. How could such a being tolerate what you do in its name? Unless it is evil, not all powerful, not all knowing or doesn’t even exist, that is.

The existence of zealots is the greatest argument against  the existence of god as the religious define god.

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Ezra Levant – For once I read something of his and and thought “pretty good stuff!” Then he returned to being a petty douchebag right at the end.

Ezra Levant is a less masculine Ann Coulter and generally prides himself on being a bit of a twat whenever the opportunity presents itself. But today I read his column expecting the usual lies and innuendo. (He has been found guilty in a court of law of deformation on more than one occasion, so the charge of liar is a fair one.) But on this occasion his coverage of the Egyptian President’s call for radical change in the Islamic world was great. It was great right until he could hold back no longer, and like the scorpion on the frog’s back , he reverted to form.

For with Obama in retreat, and the Islamic State and Iran on the rise,

He is right to castigate the western media for not covering this speech and it’s implications – The Algemeiner being a notable exception. It shows that the way Ezra repeatedly portrays muslims, is a fallacy and yet another lie. Even muslim presidents have recognised the problems and deserve support; and maybe Ezra will be at the forefront of this effort. I won’t hold my breath given his previous, but for 90% of this column Ezra was right… and then he blew it with more bollocks.

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The Weather Network – why do they even bother with forecasts?

In the space of five hours today the weather forecast for the next three days went from 2-4 cm snow on Thursday and 1-2 cm on Friday at 60% PoP; to 5cm on Thursday and 10cm on Friday at 80% PoP .

What the hell kind of forecast is it if it changes drastically hourly. It isn’t a forecast, it’s so far off it isn’t even a guess. And don’t get me started on their 14 day “long range” bollocks; if they can’t get it right for the next 36 hours, they sure as shit ain’t getting it right even further into the future.

If I did my job as poorly at those clowns I’d be gone.I could save the government a load of cash by getting rid of the whole lot of pseudo-scientific butt wads and putting up a one word web-site saying.

We haven’t got a clue, so look out the window now and see what it is actually doing.

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