Combining Glam with xmas

Combining the two Jim Dandy challenges of Glam and xmas we have the following:




G Glitter

and while this isn’t xmassy

Alvin is included for my wife

About harebell

Live in Alberta Fiscally conservative and socially more "live and let live" though I draw the line at folk who abuse their authority. Never bored
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3 Responses to Combining Glam with xmas

  1. David says:

    Wow. What a treasure trove of awesomeness. And I am both intrigued and frightened by Wizzard.

    And Alvin.

    These things I don’t know about British rock in the 70s amazes me. Best present ever.

  2. David says:

    It’s a delight. I scurry off in a mad rush to learn about the different bands and listen to whatever is available online and await the day I can pull that arcane (to me) trivia out of my ass at some party.

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