Blatchford stops swooning over uniforms and powerful men long enough to carry some more water.

She must be in the final stages of a meltdown and it’s sad to see the G&M give such a public platform for her to self destruct upon. She doesn’t like the fact that others have exposed the cosy relationship that those like her have with the powerful.

Firstly in her paragraph about why journos are much more than bloggers:

Why should an alternative journalist (self-anointed, often with a demonstrable political agenda) be automatically assumed to be an infallible truth-teller or always accurate?

Unfortunately for La Blatch her recent performances in the field of “water carrying” for the political, military and police hierarchy of this country expose her lack of objectivity and her political bias all too well. Bloggers are not assumed to be infallible truth tellers but neither are journos either.

Recently your deceit and lack of professionalism were illustrated for all to see when you swallowed the TPS line on the repatriation ceremony that was ruined by the G20 protesters. Video showed you to be gullible, the one above shows the TPS and OPP acting like criminals. You kind of forgot about Horatio’s advice on that didn’t you?

let us follow the evidence on that.

It’s hard to follow the evidence if you don’t actually look for it.

Next with regard to press passes:

In the midst of a riot, it is not a shield that can be waved to keep either police or rioters at bay. It is neither an avoid-jail nor get-out-of-jail-free card.

Neither should it be cause for being assaulted. And if the journo in question is assaulted or denied charter rights, then it should be understood by the assailants that it will be publicised as much as possible. If the “real” press are denied access to facts and injured or arrested, then that should be cause for concern for all of us. But not for you hey Blatch?

Her third point was drivel of the highest order. Yeah that was a protest zone but that shouldn’t let you think that you had some kind of immunity from being assaulted by those tasked to “serve and protect.”

Forth was an utter gem:

since with the wisdom of hindsight it is now apparent that everyone knew that the anarchists/Black Bloc types would try to wreak havoc on the city

Precious or what? Apparently a $1bn budget doesn’t buy you any intelligence. It apparently doesn’t even buy you some time to look up previous summits on YouTube. Jeez this kind of protest happens all the time, did you not think it was going to happen again. What planet are you on?

But even given the fact that only hindsight could have brought this kind of eventuality to light, it wasn’t the fault of those tasked and funded with providing security for the event. Oh no:

why are the organizers of the legitimate protests not being questioned about their accountability?

Unbelievably sloppy logic and argumentation here.

Next she kinda redeems some credit by admitting that detaining people for thought crimes might be wrong. Bravo.

But soon descends into a whole new level stupidity in her parting salvo:

Finally, how amusing it is to see Toronto, press and public alike, whip themselves into a frenzy of outrage over alleged police inaction and then alleged police overreaction, when all of this, in terms even more stark, happened in Caledonia, Ont., from 2006 onwards, and no one gave a fig.

So let me get this right.

  • When actual criminals committed crimes and the TPS and OPP stood by and watched them, that should not be criticised?
  • When people are not committing crimes and are protesting for some cause and the police assault them, deny them their charter rights and in some cases are trapped into being targets by the self same TPS and OPP, that should not be criticised either?
  • Oh and by the way an issue close to your heart wasn’t resolved as you wanted so screw the lot of you.

How about insisting that the police arrest criminals when they commit crimes and  respect folk and leave them alone when they aren’t committing crimes? It might seem novel to you but I thought that that was what they were paid to do.

As for your last point, you sound like a person caught speeding, “but… but others were going fast too.” Pathetic.

If you are what passes for a main stream journo, then no wonder the press is being by-passed by bloggers. Fortunately you are not. There are real investigators out there who get beaten up by those you seek to cover for and their dedication to get to the bottom of an issue is to be admired.

While you metaphorically fellate the powerful, others are exposing true injustices.

You shame your profession, you should resign now.

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Live in Alberta Fiscally conservative and socially more "live and let live" though I draw the line at folk who abuse their authority. Never bored
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  2. Darvwin says:

    Metaphorically? Um, Krusty has been blowing cops and soldiers since the Rye High says.

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