“There’s a soldier in all of us” – No, there isn’t….

Sitting your mum’s basement with a bowl of Cheetos staring at your avatar whilst twiddling a little joystick doesn’t make you a soldier. Soldiers don’t have a redo button, they either do their job perfectly or it stops really fucking quick and for-fucking-ever.




I know I kind of sound like a geezer, but if there was a soldier in all of us, stop-loss wouldn’t be necessary. Soldiers wouldn’t have to run to three or more back to back tours and suffer the mental trauma that their governments use to deny them support on their return.

And in this week of all the weeks of the year, the creators illustrate their level of stupidity by selling the game using that tag-line. It’s a week when we remember real soldiers and their heroism.

To make that claim proves just what a bunch of c***s the developers are. I hope that it doesn’t sell a copy but then again there’s enough sad and lonely wastes of skin out there who might buy into that tag line.

Boris even points out that metaphorical injuries and overblown hyperbole are not limited to anonymous pasty faced, overweight, basement dwelling, mummy boys as well. Our own troop hating, waste of space Prime Minister thinks he is a casualty of war now too.

Fucking figures.

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10 Responses to “There’s a soldier in all of us” – No, there isn’t….

  1. Rob says:

    I agree with all your comment. Let’s also remember that Call of Duty used to be a very historical accurate game that’s trying to portray the brutality of war.

    Now a day, they’re turning it into James Bond glorifying Special Forces aims toward MTV Generation kids and druken College students who has absolutely no idea about politic and glorify war as entertainment.

    Black Ops might be just a “game”, but it’s no longer worthy of the title “Call of Duty” because it already lost all of it important values.

    And just by titling “There’s a Soldier in all of us ” as a marketing tool for the video is just pathetic. If you people are really much of a soldier, then how come I don’t see you in Afghanistan or other area of operation instead of sitting down there with a controller?

    Also if you’re saying “Soldier” is just a word without any significant value, then you’re basically saying the same thing about “Jesus Christ” or “God”.

    • harebell says:

      I’d actually say that Jesus and god have little value because they mean many things to many folk.
      Soldier is so much more an honourable title.

  2. R Bell says:

    Its just a game. They aren’t trying to offend soldiers. Go cool off and get back to business.

    • harebell says:

      They’re selling at the wrong time of the year for it not to be deliberate. Trying to make money by cashing in on such sentiments is pretty low. Release date and slogan coinciding with Armistice Day and Remembrance ceremonies, marketing companies don’t make mistakes.
      If you want to be a soldier earn the right to put on the uniform. Until you do there isn’t a soldier inside of you.

  3. nonpog says:

    What a ridiculous comment. I am agast at how utterly stupid you sound. The game was not delibratly launched around a date of rememberance its the same time every year call of duty releases all of their sequels. Saying gamers are fat pasty kids who live with their mothers is a comment i laughed at the hardest. And as a member of the defence force WHO HAS SERVED IN COMBAT i strongly suggest you come up with something that isnt completely fubar before posting. And by the way most of my friends and i who have been in combat all love this game and absolutely love the ad. Maybe its time you got your hand off your joystick.

    • harebell says:

      So your argument is that you’re a soldier fair enough.
      Saying you love the game is fair enough.
      There is a soldier and gamer in you, there isn’t the soldier in most gamers just folk with a vivid imagination.
      The release date is not a coincidence, marketing folk do not do things spuriously or on a whim. To think otherwise is to not really respect their trade.

  4. nonpog says:

    You completely missed my point. The problem i have is you generalsising all gamers into the one catagory of cheeto eating mummers boys who should get out and find out what being a soldiers all about. And you should be very careful making comments like that as they are extremely inacurate as most of the guys in my battalion will tell you. Oh and the release date has nothing to do with rememberance day. It is deliberate but its deliberatly timed to be just before christmas

  5. harebell says:

    Did you see the advert?
    Was it aimed at soldiers?
    Did the folk caricatured in it look like the members of your battalion?
    Okay and for a grande finale you are an advertising campaign supremo.

    And PS Love the implied menace in the “you should be careful…….” yup if rational discussion don’t work threaten the opponent. Which battalion are you gonna sick on me bro’?

  6. Ryan says:

    Black Ops is a great FPS. You realize there are TONS of soldiers who play that over seas right? A few of my friends and I get together on Black Ops the several days out of the month when they’re allowed to play. Since they are the soldiers you mention, are they “sad and lonely wastes of skin”? Or are they exempt? Can only soldiers serving play black ops? I’m just saying I am a mature person who enjoys bonding with friends that I’m not able to see otherwise. Those games give us that. I can understand being offended by the release date, but I think your article is blown WAY out of proportion and a little ridiculous.

    • harebell says:

      Having a hard time reading the post, previous answers to comments and even forming a coherent argument aren’t you.
      The “sad and lonely wastes of skin” are those who aren’t serving but really buy into the “soldier in all of us” bollocks so stop building straw men and argue honestly. You play your game in order to bond with your mates, but I bet you don’t believe that some how you are serving alongside them? So that epithet doesn’t apply to you does it? You can see who the game is aimed at by the “soldiers” depicted in the advert which is shown above. You can also see what the salesmen are trying to say to your average lard-arse.
      The main beef behind the post was the developers use of a special time of year to boost their sales of a game that tried to tell folk who haven’t even tackled a stair-master that they have a warrior inside of them.

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