LSE Students Union stiffles free expression and kneels before the intolerant.

Back in the day I played football against the LSE for my School and we beat them because they were spineless gits. Nice to see that that requirement is still needs fulfilling before you can represent the LSE in Office today too.

Their statement is just the sort of cowardly crap you should expect from some folk who think they know what they are doing but clearly don’t. This extract says it all,

The LSE Students’ Union would like to reiterate that we strongly condemn and stand against any form of racism and discrimination on campus.

Yeah except discriminating against free expression. A couple of religious whackjobs invent some offence about an unclear representation of something they claim to be their prophet and you ask “how high sir?” (That always confused me, if there are no illustrations of their prophet then how can they know this is him?)

Given that each religion claims to speak the truth and that they are the only ones going to be saved or whatever, could every other person claim that moslem soc, xian soc or what ever other grouping of deluded individuals exists at the LSE also discriminate against them. This clearly contravenes your self serving wishy washy statement, because is it

…. not in accordance with our values of tolerance, diversity, and respect for all students regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality or religious affiliation.

Oh and don’t forget the views of the religious towards gays, women etc. But the LSESU won’t be consistent because the followers of the sky faeries are allowed to hate others, their faith insists on it. And as for this,

There is a special need in a Students’ Union to balance freedom of speech and to ensure access to all aspects of the LSESU for all the ethnic and religious minority communities that make up the student body at the LSE.

Is there a more marginalised minority community than the atheists and humanists at college?

h/t Butterflies

Oh yeah and I meant to spell it stiffles it combines stiffing the freespeakers with stifling free speech.

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