Mario Balotelli – A 21 year old infant with sycophants all around him.

Raiola added on BBC Radio 5 live: “We had a very clear image of his career at the beginning and I told the press openly Mario will have to stay at Manchester City for at least three of four years, helping the club on this important project and grow as a man and a player.

What a sound looking plan for a 21 year old football player. Quickly undone by,

“I think he feels persecuted; he cannot go on like that,” said Mino Raiola.


“He [Mario] is very disappointed about the decision. He loves playing in England. He keeps asking ‘why always me, why does it always come back to me?’ He loves playing in England and I think he feels persecuted.”

I’m surprised the racist card wasn’t played, oh!

Raiola had earlier suggested he felt there might be a conspiracy against foreign players such as Balotelli and City team-mate Vincent Kompany, who was also suspended for four games earlier this month.

He did go there. So what is this great conspiracy then?

Oh you stamped on a guy’s head while was on the ground. You are lucky Parker didn’t press charges and you were treated like Duncan Ferguson was a few years back.

Oh and this was shortly after throwing a dart at a team mate in training and setting your own house on fire by igniting fireworks off indoors.

Even your own coaching staff thinks it looks bad.

Mario part of growing up and becoming an adult is taking responsibility for your own actions. Those who advise you are not doing you any favours. They want you to remain the mental infant you are because I guess it suits some purpose for them.

Sack everyone who works for you and think for yourself, or you could just whine like a pussy and blame everyone else. Man or large baby that’s the choice you have.

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