MacKay’s latest explanation smells so much of post hoc rationalisation; just like most recent Harper Party’s sweaty panicky “explanations.”

The Auditor General delivered a damning exposee of the Harper DND F35 accounting procedure on 3rd April 2012. Peter MacKay today (8th April 2012) came up with the explanation for why DND’s accounting and the Harper government’s statements in the past were not deceitful and misleading.

Now the F35 fiasco was one of the reasons for the last election being called, a huge plank in the Harper government’s election campaign and has been a thorn in Harper’s paw ever since last April.

Why did it take 5 days to come up with an explanation, when Harper and Co claim that this was common knowledge and it’s the way they always do things at the DND? Why because Harper and Co needed a way to cover their collective arses and were frantically searching for one for 5 whole days until they finally and with relief discovered this BS.

Either they aren’t as in control as they think and are dumber than a bag of spanners; or they really did set out out to deceive Parliament and the people and joyously managed to turf this explanation out of the files after digging for something, anything for 5 days.

Either way, they do not belong in office governing our fine country.

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One Response to MacKay’s latest explanation smells so much of post hoc rationalisation; just like most recent Harper Party’s sweaty panicky “explanations.”

  1. G.J.W. says:

    Harper is a Reformer Dictator, of his Northern Foundation Party, from 1989. They said, the skinheads organized that shady party.

    Harper and MacKay both should be fired. Harper has embarrassed Canada, far too many times. We are sick to death of Harper’s, lies, deceit, corruption, dirty tactics and his dirty politics.

    I firmly believe. Harper and his Conservatives, are behind the election fraud and robo-calls. There were documents posted, that prove it. Harper was perfectly aware well over half of Canadians, did not want Harper as P.M….so he cheated.

    The stink of MacKay and Harper can be smelled, right up to the Muir Space Station.

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