Clattenburg v Chelsea – right on cue a bunch of lawyers who weren’t there and haven’t got a clue what happened have decided to involve the Police.

It’s scary how a bunch of lawyers who admit not having a clue about what happened at Chelsea that day have decided to involve the police in the affair. The fact that the players involved and Chelsea have not formally lodged a formal complaint doesn’t matter. These guys heard “racist remarks” and barreled in full steam ahead.

Well two things come out of this for me:

  1. The Chelsea players better not be lying about this, because perjury is a criminal offence and Peter might just have forced you to carry on even if you don’t want to.
  2. Given the standard of evidence required by a lawyer to involve police in a criminal investigation is of this standard,

“We weren’t there but we don’t need to be there in order to report an incident. This appears to have had some cogency and so it needs to be addressed as a matter of urgency. I think the Met police have huge resources, expertise, and I have no doubt that this matter will be resolved and the truth will come out. If we’ve got this completely wrong then, of course, the police will tell us.”

I am stunned that a lawyer and Judge decided to use such a crappy level of evidence in order to make a political point. And I hope it doesn’t come back to haunt him or more importantly the players whose boats he may now have burned. Also I hope nobody uses this standard to inform the police of any “supposed” malfeasance that Peter Herbert or his pals may or may not have committed.

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