Clattenburg case is going to the wire – ARs and 4th say there was nothing. Mikel is out on a limb and you know the institutional racists will let him take the fall.

The situation with Clattenburg is getting distinctly hairy. The Society of Black Lawyers have got their cause celebre, Chelsea have an in on dumping on a referee and exercising that massive chip that lives on their shoulder and the Russians who run Chelsea are happy to sacrifice as many minority players in their pursuit of money and fame as they need to. But those on the scene aren’t going along with the game plan of those with vested interests,

Clattenburg denies the allegation and it is understood that assistant referees Michael McDonough and Simon Long, and fourth official Michael Jones, also believe he is innocent and are expected to support the 37 year-old if asked to provide witness statements by the FA and/or police.

So it looks like the bosses with their well documented dislike of black players are happy to see Mikel hung out to dry. My advice to Mikel is come clean and be honest; there is a perfect storm of indifference, hatred and intolerance headed your way and you should realise that you are expendable in your employers’ eyes.

And without knowing when exactly the abuse was supposed to have happened you have to say that Mikel’s reactions in this key incident are not those of a victim of abuse.

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