G&M cowardice – the latest Wente word vomit brooks no contradictions

You know Margaret Wente is being propped up by some kind of corporate welfare when she can screech her vitriol without fear of hearing a contrary point of view.

A few things popped into my mind as I read her outpourings:

1: Does her friend Jim even exist? This description of his viewpoint on Obama seems a bit rote to me.

“Obama is, in fact, a lefty, and given a free hand we really would become a debt-laden, sinking, entitlement-heavy, socialist basket case,” Jim says.

2: Is this all her own doing; or has she pinched Jim from someone else? I mean it’s not like she doesn’t have previous on this.

Why the G&M continue to provide this thief of intellectual property a place to expound her (?) ideas is beyond me. But I’m not linking to them as long as they shield her from the deserved criticism she deserves to face until she apologises properly for her misdeeds.

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Live in Alberta Fiscally conservative and socially more "live and let live" though I draw the line at folk who abuse their authority. Never bored
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