Why the Harper Party is not Conservative – Charitable tax free status should be abolished not expanded.

If you want to give to charity then do so, but don’t do so just because you can get a tax break and get some of your money back.

Any organisation that is eligible to issue tax receipts for charitable giving should have that right withdrawn and not expanded. Peter Braid’s idea to expand the whole tax relief for charitable giving is wrong headed and possibly a self serving corruption of the process.

The political party that benefits most from such “charitable” giving is the Conservative Party of which Braid is a member. By introducing this:

After running the idea by Finance Minister Jim Flaherty, Mr. Braid introduced a private member’s bill this week that would move the tax deadline for charitable giving from Dec. 31 – when many Canadians are cash-strapped – to the last day in February. It would also declare the last seven days of February as National Charities Week in Canada.

He is directly creating legislation that would benefit him. Add this into the equation,

His interest in charitable work came early through his Presbyterian church, which supported his decision to take a year off of high school at age 18 to spend time in Northwestern Ontario working with aboriginal communities.

and this

Religious organizations are major beneficiaries of charitable donations, so the issue of tax credits and religion are closely linked.

it looks like he will be using public money to fund not only his career choice but also his hobby too.

Now I’m sure Mr  Braid is a good person, but like a lot of the ideologically committed he has forgotten to view this from the perspective of those who do don’t share his certainty.

Churches and Political parties should not expect non-believers to subsdise their activities and introducing measures to increase this sponsorship of a minority by the majority is not a just use of our Parliament.

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Live in Alberta Fiscally conservative and socially more "live and let live" though I draw the line at folk who abuse their authority. Never bored
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One Response to Why the Harper Party is not Conservative – Charitable tax free status should be abolished not expanded.

  1. G.J.W. says:

    One thing for certain, Harper is far removed from a Conservative. Our democracy is vanishing. Our civil Rights and Liberties have been taken from us. Harper is now going to take, our Freedom of Speech from us. He hates his dastardly deeds, being posted of the internet. Even our Human Rights are under threat.

    Harper is supposed to be a Christian, I see nothing Christian in Harper, what-so-ever. Perhaps others can. Religion does not belong in politics, especially in Canada. There are too many different races, with many different religions. Charity has just become a racket. Giving aid to the people of, war torn country’s. Giving to the people in natural weather disasters, earthquakes and such, is just fine. I have often donated to those. Our school children often work and donate to other children in poor country’s. That is true charity. We donate to family’s who have lost everything to, perhaps a house fire. We donate to assist family’s with very sick children. Tax free status. should be abolished. Your church needs money? Get off your butts and work for the money.

    Way back when. My mother belonged to women’s clubs. They knitted, warm socks, touque’s, sweaters, vests and gloves, for our boys overseas during WW11. They raised their money by, fowl suppers, quilting bee’s, whist and bridge drives, dances with box lunches, your best beau would buy. If money was needed for the church, they worked to get the money. That was our good and decent Canada. These days, corruption, greed, lies, thieving, and deceit, is what Canada is all about. Canada is no longer the country, that was welcomed around the world. Millions of Canadians are no longer proud, to be a Canadian. That is what I resent, like hell. My pride of country, is leaving me.

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