How can Harper expect to be taken seriously on Iran if he is happy to sell nuclear material to a country that won’t sign a non-proliferation treaty?

It’s absolutely stunning that Steven Harper is too pants pissingly frightened to drive around India in anything less than an up armoured SUV because the country is such a security risk; but is quite happy to sell them the means to make weapons of mass destruction – no strings attached.

How this nasty individual can in anyway criticise Iranian moves on all things nuclear is beyond me. How will this go down in Pakistan is probably not a concern of the Harper either, because they are muslims and don’t count; but I’d like to remind him that one of biggest terrorist acts to ever be perpetrated on this country was the Air India bombing. That act was committed by Indians in response to events in India. Next time (and it ain’t gone away) they might not limit themselves to high explosives.

It appears that our Prime Minister will ignore any ethics he might possess as long as there is enough money in it for him and his friends.

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One Response to How can Harper expect to be taken seriously on Iran if he is happy to sell nuclear material to a country that won’t sign a non-proliferation treaty?

  1. G.J.W. says:

    Harper has made so many enemies, he is paranoid about his safety everywhere he goes, even in Canada. I don’t know whether India trusts, Harper’s close relationship with China? Wasn’t India one of the country’s that, China hacked into their secret files? Anyway, Harper was paranoid enough, to spend a million or so, to ship his armored car to India. That may have insulted India enough, they won’t deal with Harper. I think the civilized country’s are pulling away from Harper, because of China. China’s aggression, is showing to other country’s around the globe. Harper was even scared to death, with kids toy swords, that were a part of their Halloween costumes. They had to leave their dangerous rubber toy swords, on a table back down on the driveway.

    Harper was at one time, itching to bomb Iran. Russia and China said, it would be a mistake to attack Iran. Harper will do nothing to offend Communist China. Harper is giving the tar sands to China. Harper was going to kick Russia’s butt in the High Arctic. Harper is now, going to share the High Arctic, and play very nicely with Russia. China, Russia and Iran are allies.

    Then there’s Harper’s asinine omnibus bill. Harper isn’t making a lick of sense, to other country’s nor to his own citizens. Harper is totally lacking in ethics or morals. Thank heaven Elizabeth May spoke up, against Harper’s Treason deal with China. What a traitor to Canada, Harper really is.

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