Croatian war criminals released – I smell the evil influence of Germany, the US and the anti-Serb coalition behind this.

It appears the summary execution of unarmed civilians is no longer a crime according to the UN Yugoslavia War Crime Tribunal. Tudjman (a modern day Pavelic) was a neo nazi mass murdering piece of crap and these two “generals” carried out his orders to eradicate the Serbs in the land that Croatia claimed.

I cannot see how the same tribunal can do anything other than acquit Mladic and Karadzic because they are just as guilty of genocide and war crimes as the two pricks they just exonerated and released.

The three arseholes who let these murderers go free deserve to rot in whatever they think is hell; the two who dissented have my sympathy that they have to share working conditions with the other three idiots. I agree with the dissenting statement.

Pocar wrote that the majority view on the Brijuni meeting was “simply grotesque.”

It is plain that those in the West and Germany in particular are covering for the later day Ustase regime that Tudjman the criminal created. For the Germans that doesn’t surprise me, once an ally always an ally.

None of these jackasses ever thinks of those who were murdered by these scumbags, they just follow the money. Corrupt shitebags the lot of them pushing the US and Germany`s agenda for the region.

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One Response to Croatian war criminals released – I smell the evil influence of Germany, the US and the anti-Serb coalition behind this.

  1. G.J.W. says:

    ICC’s Chief Prosecutor, found Harper guilty of stonewalling and covering up evidence, of the investigation, on the torture of the detainee’s. ICC left it up to the RCMP, to pursue Harper’s war crimes and crimes against humanity. As usual, the RCMP didn’t bother.

    There are war criminals all around the globe. They are needed to do the dirty work, for leaders of country’s. Especially dictators use the criminal element.

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