Russia’s ignoring meeeeee – When MacKay doesn’t have Harper around to tell him what to do he’s a little boy lost.

I’m not a fan of mad Vlad and his corrupt regime, but it strikes me as somewhat ironic that Peter MacKay – backstabber and serial liar, is complaining that Russia isn’t giving any input into sorting out the Syrian civil war.

“Thus far they have been reluctant to do so at the security council. They have refused to do so bilaterally. We can’t have Russia on the sideline with a country coming apart at the seams,” he said.

It seems after watching the fall out from the many interventions that the US and their sycophants have made in the last 30 years; the Russians might have learned something we in the West have failed to appreciate. Interfering in civil wars is an inherently dangerous business and if you do it you are likely to be held as the person in the wrong by both sides. You get to die while both sides blame you for everything that goes wrong.

You see Peter doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different is the very definition of stupidity and it’s something a treacherous dim bulb as you cannot be expected to fathom.

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2 Responses to Russia’s ignoring meeeeee – When MacKay doesn’t have Harper around to tell him what to do he’s a little boy lost.

  1. Boris says:

    What Airshow doesn’t get is that Canada is a middling power, one that used to have a pretty good game going at that level, but middling nonetheless. Unless we’re mediating quietly for peace between overweaponed and underbrained powers and protagonists, our opinion on what Russia or China or the US or Assad, or whomever ought to be doing matters bugger all.

    • harebell says:

      Ain’t that the truth
      Our strength was sorting shit out without force of arms. We were good at it and we were respected for it. Now the coward Harper wants to engage in a willy measuring contest but hasn’t got a clue about needing to find the cash for the cheques he writes.
      Now even those who are less than middling have lost respect for us because our leaders have no idea where their strengths lie.

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