Believing Bullshit – Law’s argument about the equivalency of an evil and good god is interesting, but flawed.

Given just how shitty the religious majority are in this modern time and just how poorly they actually live their lives according to their religious teachings it is nice to enter the realm of academic introspection.

Stephen Law’s book “Believing Bullshit” has been an interesting read so far. He covers a lot of religious handwaving (aka bullshit) very well; but in arguing against the idea of a “good” god he insists that the arguments for the existence of a good god can be used to equally argue for the existence of an evil god. I reckon this logic might be flawed and not in favour of the good god, but rather that his argument leads me to believe that if a god exists at all it is almost definitely evil.

The reason is that in all his discussion of the theodicies and all the other apologetics on the behalf of a good god he fails to understand that a good god who isn’t 100% good isn’t a good god. An evil god can be 99% good and still be evil. What is worse than letting folk know that life can be good for 99% of the time but eventually something, somewhere, sometime is going to screw you over? I mean really, you might have a 100% perfect life but given your experience of history and watching others you know that it is likely that this won’t occur so you live your entire life waiting for the shit sandwich that will statistically come your way. Even if it doesn’t you live expecting it will.

Now if we admit that there is more evil in the world than a 1% evil god would allow then we have to admit that even the minimally evil piece of crap I alluded to above is indeed the rosiest of all gods. That is why if god exists it is definitely a sick and twisted bastard.

Given what undeniably exists in reality, given that whatever excuses are made for a good god apply equally to an evil god and given, finally, that unless god is 100% good (which it isn’t) then the only other alternative is that god is evil. Not just a little bit evil but seriously evil as if the behaviour of its followers wasn’t evidence enough.

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2 Responses to Believing Bullshit – Law’s argument about the equivalency of an evil and good god is interesting, but flawed.

  1. Mark Warburton says:

    “Better to have reigned in Hell than to have served in Heaven”… Paradise Lost

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