It’s kind of strange how the MSM, the West and Israel are decrying the homemade rockets now hitting Israel. I remember when it was the Jews who bombed hotels as terrorists.

It is odd that the right the evangelical right and the Israeli right now say that terrorist activity is reason for a disproportionate response and that even genocide is warranted when the Palestinians get a little too uppity.

Imagine if back in 1946 the British had responded just as the Israeli government wishes to respond now? No really let’s just apply modern reasoning to a less sophisticated and nuanced time and see how the cards fall. Yeah the British Empire is looking kind of restrained right now, even though the USA and all the other “so-called” proponents of democracy and freedom were aligned against them.

So let’s hear no more about how bad the terrorists are, Israel was born out of terrorist activity but because they were successful they are called freedom fighters and heroes. Don’t get me wrong, I am not a fan of Hamas’s vision of the good life, but there is no difference between them and Irgun and Stern except who supports them and what power they have.

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5 Responses to It’s kind of strange how the MSM, the West and Israel are decrying the homemade rockets now hitting Israel. I remember when it was the Jews who bombed hotels as terrorists.

  1. List of X says:

    Agree, there is not much difference between the methods of Irgun and Hamas, but Irgun and other Jewish terrorist organizations have been disbanded and have not committed any terrorist acts for decades. There can be no excuse for Jewish terrorism, and there can be no excuse for Palestinian terrorism either.
    P.S. I read the article at the link. Interestingly, it says that Irgun sent warnings about the bomb so that the hotel could be evacuated. I don’t know if that was normal practice of Irgun, but I don’t remember any Palestinian terrorist acts where they have provided a warning about an imminent strike.

    • harebell says:

      The point of the post was could you imagine if the British Army had responded with the might of their empire against the few Jewish terrorists. In a less enlightened time it would have gone unnoticed and the local population would have aided in the cover up. As for the lack of Jewish terrorist groups today, mossad aside (Kuwait EU passports etc.) when you run a government you have an army, Palestine doesn’t have that luxury, they barely have an economy.

      • List of X says:

        Yes, British army could have responded against the Jews, and it probably wouldn’t have even made headlines. Killing Jews was not such a rare occurrence in those times.
        Palestinian Authority does not have an actual army because it’s not a country. But it does have security forces of about 76,500 people of which only 11,000 are civil police, according to Wikipedia ( So clearly PA can afford such a luxury, including being able to afford as many as 5,000 in Presidential Security Force. For comparison, US Secret Service has 4,400 agents.
        Mossad is not a terrorist organization, even with any extrajudicial killings they may do and fake passports they may use, unless you also think of CIA as a terrorist organization.

      • harebell says:

        I see no difference between the CIA and many organisations they describe as terrorists. Allende, El Salador, Haiti, Cubas, Dominican Republic and SE Asia. Their accountability is zero, unless they are caught. As for the Mossad the line is even finer.
        Nice point about the phone calls, Irgun has a bit more to its name than the King David and Begin became PM remember,
        At the end of the day it all depends on who wins and who writes history. Bomber command committed war crimes in WW2 as did all the allies yet only the axis were tried for them. Power rules even if the behaviour is equally as reprehensible.

      • harebell says:

        Also are you really going to compare the capabilities of the IDF with the Palestinian Police. It’s a security force in name only, any actual ability to secure Palestinian territory has been exposed as BS because an outside country can occupy and attack it when ever they feel like it.

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