Will all the Eastern and West Coast Wanks stop with the “Alberta as a wedge issue” meme – none of you give a shit anyway.

Alberta has issues of it’s own, but believe it or not Albertans will sort it out and Alberta is gradually moving from it’s Reform past into a more moderate phase. Alberta turfed the Flanagan monster the Wild Rose Alliance all on it’s lonesome, just after Ontario moved into Reform territory and provided Harper with his majority.

New folk are arriving and the young are becoming eligible for the vote, stuff is happening and movement is being felt.

We do not need the likes of Stephen “what is that in your mouth… oh” Taylor pointing out fake bogey men to us and we do not need “help” from folk so ideologically bereft even the Conservative Party thinks he’s an absolute waste of space and a danger to sane thinking people everywhere. Yes Dean that would be you. I do believe there is a female journalist somewhere requiring your immediate attention.

Also we do not need the outbursts from the left, who under other circumstances would be berating anybody else for lumping all folk in a set together and assuming that they were all the same.

Is your life so dull and so worthless that inventing spats and blowing them out of all proportion is the best you can do? Me? Normally I’d be at work so this would pass me by, but I’m home sick today so I’m looking at what the malingerers in our society get up to while the rest of us work.

About harebell

Live in Alberta Fiscally conservative and socially more "live and let live" though I draw the line at folk who abuse their authority. Never bored
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