Rhys Holleran says no laws were broken by his dim bulb DJs; Fraud ring a bell?

The CEO of the Australian radio station responsible for the prank call to the hospital treating the Duchess of Cambridge has described the suspected suicide of the nurse who took the call as “tragic”, but said he is satisfied the presenters have broken no laws.

Rhys Holleran, head of the Austereo network, which owns the radio station 2Day FM, said on Saturday the presenters could not have “reasonably foreseen” the events which unfolded.

I agree the suicide couldn’t have been reasonably foreseen, but what this idiot who clearly hasn’t got a clue forgets is that there are some things that could have been foreseen.

  • Medical information is privileged information and medical staff are not permitted to release it with out permission.
  • Usually only the person themselves and their immediate family are permitted to get this information.
  • Pretending to be something you aren’t for personal gain is fraud.
  • Publicity was being milked all over the world over this stunt before the suicide, so you gained.

Fraud can be described as deceit or trickery deliberately practised in order to gain an advantage over someone dishonestly.

So yes, you wanker your little munchkins did break the law and someone died in the commission of a crime. If the Crown wanted to go for it here, they could make life very interesting for the two weasels who committed a fraud as a result of which someone died. No wonder Holleran is trying to wave a bright shiny object around to distract us.

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