Rhys Holleran’s problems get larger – Aussie DJ’s fraudulant call continued

Just following up on the bit I did countering Rhys’s declaration that no laws had been broken over the fraudulent access to patients medical status call that led to a death.

It appears that in Oz when these two clowns do their act they have to ask those who they spoofed at the end of the call  if they could use the material that they just recorded.

It is a bread and butter type of comedy for the radio station to appeal to this demographic,” said Stackpool. “At the end of the call, after the recording stops, we are required by the code of conduct to indicate to the person that it was a hoax and to get their permission to put the recording to air. This being an international situation, I’m guessing that didn’t happen.

No they didn’t, cos I’m guessing they would have been told no and where’s the career making scoop in that? So if I have this clear, they have procedures that would in all honesty have prevented the public humiliation of a person who appears to have taken her life because of that humiliation; and they didn’t follow them.

Well Rhys old man, not only did they commit fraud, they failed to follow procedures deemed reasonable in Australia. Your DJs and the clowns who approved this should be looking at jail time not to mention the civil penalties. You failed to treat this case as you did any other case, the question you’ll have to answer is why… that should make for interesting entertainment.

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