Storage Wars – Faked for your viewing pleasure? No Really?

I used to watch this programme for a laugh and to kill 30 minutes while supper was finishing and it was all great entertainment. Never once did it enter my head that the scores of treasure troves that never failed to appear were anything other than fixed.

Apparently the most pathetic character on the show was punted for complaining that the producers fixed lockers. They did stop fixing his, but apparently that wasn’t right either. Now, in best US legal welfare recipient fashion he’s suing. And he’s basing it on

….. may violate a federal law intended to prevent viewers from being deceived when watching a show involving intellectual skills.

Given the intellectual quality of most of the folk (not you Barry) on the show, I’d say this is non-starter right out of the gates; add to that that there is nothing intellectual about looking in a shed and deciding whether to buy it on a gamble or not and I’d say case closed.

The guy Hester was always a bit of a weenie on the show, I just thought that was more fakery in order to create a villain; who’d a thunk that bit would be the truth?

tip McClelland

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