The Petard Chronicles ctd – I believe a federal tax deduction is the same as receiving federal money – so let’s see it applied to everyone.

For once I agree with the Harper Party. If anybody is relieved of any part of their share of the tax burden, then they are being given federal money; or at least relief from paying it. That means public works either go unbuilt or someone else picks up the burden.

Unlike Harper and his muppets I don’t think transparency should only be required of those I disagree with, if you want to get out of paying your required share of taxes you have a higher degree of accountability in justifying that. It looks like useful hand-puppet Russ Hiebert has opened a can of worms that might have some unintended consequences.

The opposition Liberals have proposed amendments that would have the law apply to a broader range of member-based organizations that receive preferential tax treatment. Mr. Hiebert, the bill’s sponsor, does not support the Liberal amendments.

Who cares what you think Hiebert? Thinking is clearly not your strong suit. You are a here today gone tomorrow piece of Harper cannon fodder, once you are of no more use you’ll be dispatched to the political gulag that houses Guergis, Oda etc. But Harper will not rule for long, then it’ll be time to see just how far this horse trots.

Political parties and their purchasing companies, religious organisations and the sadly superstitious determined to put women and gayz in their place etc. Some of us are going to enjoy hoisting some very selfish zealots on their own petards on this one.

This can is a big one and there are worms a plenty.

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Live in Alberta Fiscally conservative and socially more "live and let live" though I draw the line at folk who abuse their authority. Never bored
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