So called “hidden agendas” – Snyder had one on right to work, does Harper on abortion? It would not surprise me, rightwingers appear to lie all the time.

The Reform mouthpieces all try and belittle any talk of Harper having a hidden agenda regarding abortion, his faith, selling out to China, being inept, not being controlling etc. But given the recent work by Harper’s stalking horse in the House on the “when does life begin” fiasco and the continued probing by more muppets into the concept of abortion reform, I have my doubts.

I mean it’s not as though Harper hasn’t run on many a promise only to immediately turn around and do the opposite: Income trusts, fixed election dates, No Deficits etc. It’s also not as though some right wingers have any objection to bald face lieing just to get elected either.  Cue governor Rick Snyder, scumbag and all around model modern Conservative.

The Detroit News, July 30, 2009:

Someone else asked if Snyder supported Michigan becoming a so-called right to work state, where individuals can opt out of joining a worker’s union. Snyder said the issue was a divisive one that’s not on his agenda. Instead, he said, the state needs to examine the compensation it pays public employees and bring it in line with jobs in the private sector. […]

And now the weasel has of course done as those who own him wish and made a lie of that.

But I’ve been very clear in this campaign – I don’t believe the party should have a position on abortion.

Sounds familiar and given they are birds of a feather, politically speaking, we should not be surprised if it turns out the same. The old bait and switch, or lieing as people call it – very likely coming to a Conservative office near you. Don’t say you weren’t warned.

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Live in Alberta Fiscally conservative and socially more "live and let live" though I draw the line at folk who abuse their authority. Never bored
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