You know gun nuts agree that there needs to be regulation when they have to resort to this kind of crap.

Breitbart wank declares that hammers are a weapon of mass destruction not rifles.

Another interesting fact: According to the FBI, nearly twice as many people are killed by hands and fists each year than are killed by murderers who use rifles.

See firearms aren’t that bad.

And it seems fairly obvious that if more people had a gun, less people would be inclined to try to hit them in the head with a hammer.

We went from rifles to guns…. Why? Because if you included guns in the argument too early the wank’s first premise wouldn’t hold, as the FBI’s figures show only too well.

Moral: believe nothing a right wing loon tells you, especially if the wingnut in question is the spawn of the notorious liar and provider of welfare to otherwise unemployable losers Breitbart.

So by their lying by omission one can only assume that they really do feel that gun control is the only way for the US to get their compensating weenies to take responsibility; only they can’t admit it.

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Live in Alberta Fiscally conservative and socially more "live and let live" though I draw the line at folk who abuse their authority. Never bored
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