TO you got off lightly, it could have been way worse.

The fact that Ford got off following some fancy footwork by 3 paragons of preserving the position of the 1% should not come as surprise to anybody. It just confirms what many of us have known all along; there is a law for powerful, rich, white folk and then there is the law that the rest of us have to kneel before. The three judges in this case are only doing what most in their position have done before them, assuring the powerful and their lackies that they will never have to answer for their misdeeds.

Don’t believe me? Then ask yourself how many thugs in uniform have been dealt with after the gross abuses of the G20 weekend when the Charter was suspended by members of the same rich arseholes’ club?

So two appointees by the ethically suspect Mulroney and the other care of the also ethically suspect Chretien have decided that while “Tubby of TO” might be guilty of a conflict of interest, that doesn’t matter as the council had no right to insist he pay money his team received back to contributors.

Strangely I have no problems with this, why? Well it is always the way that the rich will find a way to show the law doesn’t apply to them and if he was found guilty, all it would have done was ensure that the keech who voted for him last time would have voted for him again out of sympathy. Then instead of 2 more years, TO would have to face another 4 years with humpty dumpty at the helm.

Two more years of judicially sanctioned and protected stupidity and unethical behaviour should be enough to ensure the useless idiot is never let lose near the chamber again. Thank you justices for doing what you were appointed to do, your abject servitude may have saved TO from a fate worse than 2 more years of Rob. 4 more years of Mr Toad.

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Live in Alberta Fiscally conservative and socially more "live and let live" though I draw the line at folk who abuse their authority. Never bored
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