CFIA – Seriously if the farmed salmon is killing the real fish, stop salmon farming.. Is it really that difficult to understand?

Patricia Ouellette, a regional program officer with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, said the discoveries have caused inspectors to determine they can’t erase the disease by having fish destroyed.

Okay that’s a straight forward sentence, as are these,

Ouellette said infectious salmon anemia poses no threat to humans, only to other fish…….

…. The types of fish that have been confirmed to be susceptible to the virus are: Atlantic herring, Atlantic cod, Atlantic salmon and brown trout.

You’d have thought that given the devastation that the fish population in the Atlantic has already undergone, you’d have thought that the response of the government would be obvious. Namely stop salmon farming on the East Coast, but you’d be wrong,

However, 240,000 fish that were close to market size were allowed to continue growing. Those fish are now being processed for sale at Cooke Aquaculture’s plant in Blacks Harbour, N.B.

In Harper’s world business, no matter how messed up, is king and the bottom line today need pay no attention to any knock on effects tomorrow. I wonder what the CPoC cut from these concerns are?

I personally could not work for this regime of reality hating, fundamentalist jackasses and criminals, so I have no idea how any scientist can stay in their employ.

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