Steven Blaney – Yet another Reform muppet wraps itself in the flag in faux outrage

A minister from the department that regularly shafts veterans over money, treatment or even the confidentiality of their private medical files gets all pissy over an accurate recounting of history.

The muppet in question is Steven Blaney and he is trying to make capital with veterans through inaccurately interpreting what an NDP MP wrote. It’s like when they lied about coalitions in Parliamentary politics, when they lied about income trusts, when they lied about Afghan detainees etc. Moreover he is doing it based on a translation and interpretation of the comment by sun news. This illustrates that not only is he an opportunist willing to use veterans to further his agenda, but he is an idiot to trust sun news.

But let’s assume that sun news for once actually got the wording right.

Writing on a left-wing Quebec blog, Alexandre Boulerice mocked the conflict as “a purely capitalist war on the backs of the workers and peasants.”

Most of the soldiers came from the working and lower classes – check.

The war was started when the aristocracy and business tycoons of the day formed two large blocs and when an anarchist killed a member of the aristocracy in Sarajevo one side took it as an opportunity to start a fight. Aristocracy and industrialists – check

“The only ones to have refused this butchery, to have rejected the call of the ‘sacred union’ within each nation, were communist activists,” Boulerice wrote in an April 10, 2007 posting on Presse-toi à gauche (Hurry to the left).

When the communists took over (Russia) in 1917, the previously aristocratically ruled state left the war – check on the involvement of the aristocracy in promoting the war and the communists in wanting nothing to do with it.

Boulerice also sniped at Canadian soldiers involved in the Battle of Vimy Ridge with his claim that “thousands of poor wretches were slaughtered to take possession of a hill.”

Thousands of soldiers attacked up a muddy hill in order to take possession of it. I can think of no more wretched a circumstance than to die like that in those conditions. – check on all counts.

Note that Boulerice didn’t say they weren’t brave, he slammed the leaders for their motives noted that the communists stayed out and pitied the poor foot soldiers for their woes. That’s why it is sad that veterans organisations are getting involved. Sad but not altogether surprising; because while veterans lacked services the Legion and all the others were crowing about getting the word “Royal” back because that’s what really counts.

Ron Cundell, publisher of the website, accused Boulerice of “spitting” on Canada’s history.

“The only apology I will accept is when he walks off Parliament Hill for the last time as a citizen again of whatever country he wants to go to,” said the retired soldier with 20 years service in the Canadian Forces.

Ron I hope you were just reacting to the sun news lies and not commenting for real. You do veterans a real disservice by siding with the CPoC and their propaganda wing, they after all have done more to hurt service personnel and veterans than any NDP MP in recent years. You might want to clear this up.

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2 Responses to Steven Blaney – Yet another Reform muppet wraps itself in the flag in faux outrage

  1. Boris says:

    I was watching earlier today showing the RCR et al in action in 2010. The company commander was ensconsed in a bunker surround by flatscreen TVs, aerial maps, half a dozen radios, and half the people in the room were in their T-shirts. The combat problem was daily contact from a mud hut 300m away from a nearby OP. They had armed UAV support, infantry in LAVs, engineers with a Badger and other earth movers, a mortar platoon, and some arty. I am sure some fast air or Helicopter Harry weren’t too far off either. They showed TWO actual badguys. They killed one with a mortar mission, and used a Hellfire from the UAV (probably controlled from Nevada) for the other bloke beetling out of the mortar HE. There were much harder moments in Afghanistan to be sure, but it still bears no comparison to WW1 (or 2 for that matter).

    Today’s troops do not have the right to speak for their ancestors. And frankly, nor should they ever want the horror needed to claim that right.

    • harebell says:

      I only have the tales my Grandfather told me about the horror of being in a cavalry charge on horseback and getting nowhere fast. Then being sunk on the way to Gallipoli only to be rescued by the Imperial Japanese Navy. He spent the last years of WW1 in India on the NW Frontier’s passes. He had to go because the house he lived in with his family was a tied house and the country laird had the duty of raising a yeomanry.
      Aristocracy, class war and entitlement meant that that generations finest were sacrificed for upper class ideals and industrialists profits.
      Nobody has any idea about the hell that WW1 veterans went through especially civil engineers in government who have never had a days adversity in their lives, but seeing the emotion in my Grandfather’s eyes as he told me the odd tale or two was enough for me to understand. If GP was emotional it was fucking bad.

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