Joe Oliver appeals to science to help him while decrying the same science that tells him he is killing the planet – Oliver you owe me a new keyboard

It’s something that could not have been written for comedy without the author thinking it might be totally unbelievable, the idiot savant and tailing ponds taster Joe Oliver has declared the actions of the EU unscientific.

“It’s discriminatory, it’s not based on science and it would potentially hurt Canada’s ability to access markets for its resources,” Oliver said in the interview.

And just a few paragraphs later

A group of 12 scientists sent him a letter this week saying Canada is delaying the transition to an economy more reliant on alternative energy.

David Keith, a Canadian teaching public policy and engineering at Harvard University, said in the letter that the Canadian government needs to “grow up” in balancing development with climate change.

“We don’t need these exaggerated claims, these insults flying around,” Oliver said in response.

“They have a view that we can basically reduce significantly the production of the oilsands and, really, other hydrocarbons they seem to think that it’s possible to wean ourselves from oil and just to move into an alternative energy… that is not realistic.”

Seriously how can so much cognitive dissonance result in a Ministerial position? The Science that Oliver appeals to for support disagrees with his basic premise and it’s unrealistic. It’s either science or not. It’s not science when it agrees with what you think and then ceases to be science when you don’t like it.

This government doesn’t need the House of Commons it needs a creche.

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5 Responses to Joe Oliver appeals to science to help him while decrying the same science that tells him he is killing the planet – Oliver you owe me a new keyboard

  1. hiimback1 says:

    We really can’t just move away from oil- so neither can Canada. Do you have a car? IF you have a car you need oil. Oil saved the whales- and people are worried about oil killing the enviroment?

    • harebell says:

      I can just hear the words you are using when oil was discovered and the whaling industry perished. “Do you have a lamp? If you have lamps you need whale oil.”
      The reason we can’t just move away from oil is because it’s too easy to stay on it and pay oil companies to extract it. One thing about a finite resource is that it will become more costly to get to it and it will run out eventually.
      It makes sense to actively research into cheaper, cleaner methods not insist that extracting the most inefficient form of oil is the way forward.
      The post actually illustrated the abject hypocrisy of Joe “idiot” Oliver and his inability to argue coherently, but your objections while containing some truth ignore the choices ahead.

      • hiimback1 says:

        Haha yes that’s exactly what I would say. Oil, when it was discovered, was a great way to power things and didn’t take much time to use, you simply load where you used to put whale. Anyway I do not ignore, hybrids and battery-powered cars have already started to show competence, and I am not opposed to such ideas as long as they can replace what I use. I am not opposing cheaper cleaner methods, I am opposing stopping the current easiest method. Thank you for your input.

      • harebell says:

        And thank you
        It’s always fun

  2. diamondwalker says:

    Well Hiimback1 … I don’t own a car.. perhaps you do ? Those uh whales.. that you claim oil saved ? Saved for whom ? How ? For the Japanese experimental scientific whaling ships ? And how your comments relate to a bored millionaire Bay Street sellout from Montreal .. who decided to retire and be reborn as a political Harper animal dedicated to energy pollution is ? Mmn .. What is this ‘enviroment’ you speak of ? Try harder .. you’re coming across just like Joe Oliver .. which is to say .. not well at all. Are you also a fan of Peter Kent ? How about Keith Ashfield ? You’re just fine with Stephen Harper ? oK with Clemente ? Vic Toews ? Jason Kenney ? Baird ? van Loan ?

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