Life causes death, excess food causes obesity and increased longevity causes more suffering – shock new finding by Scientists.

It would appear that eminent scientists in the UK ,who should know better, are confusing the risk that alcohol poses to people with that of cigarettes and are making scarey claims about booze intake.

The Alcohol Public Health Research Alliance (AMPHORA), an EU-funded body of 30 universities and other scientific institutes, said people were drinking on average some 600 times the safe levels for preventing cancers.

Now while I have no doubt that that may be true, so what? A side effect of our increased longevity is that we now have more time alive during which we can develop a sickness. So should all medication and medical procedures also be accompanied by a warning that the “beneficiary” might not die before suffering alzheimers, CJD, ALS etc?

Then we entered the realm of weasel words,

“Four units a day for a man doubles the risk of cancers of the mouth and throat. “Three units a day for a woman increases the risk for breast cancer by 25 per cent.”

Doubles from what? 25% of what? This is the kind of crap people do with stats that disparages the whole discipline. It’s meaningless and designed to scare and add authority to the results without really informing.

He said some 4,500 Britons a year die of alcohol-caused cancers, such as those found in the colon, liver, oesophagus, rectum and breast.

According to the stats from 2011 around 8,300 people die of senility each year in England and Wales alone, so I guess keeping folk alive longer allows them to die a lonely addled death more often. Maybe we should put a warning on incubators, prior to prenatal classes or even during sex ed classes at school.

But for me the most egregious error by the learned folk studying alcohol was this,

“We know cigarettes cause cancer, and cigarette packets carry warning labels that cigarettes cause cancer.

“Consumers surely deserve the same information on drink bottles.”

Cigarettes unlike alcohol are not a persona habit. The waste products of cigarette smoking are shared by everybody. Alcohol is a personal choice and there are health warnings on the label already for anybody who cares to read them. Yes they may not mention cancer, but then many foodstuffs that if consumed in excess don’t carry a list of all the possible effects either. I look forward to bread with warnings on the side so we don’t overeat.

The ordinary person votes and the ordinary person drinks, possibly to excess so any releases need to be carefully handled and not contradict what is already in the annuls. Findings like those involving red wine and heart disease are a fine example and just make people switch off. Just look at what the pseudoscience promoted by the fossil fuel folk has done to climate science; imagine what over hyped genuine science will do to other scientific findings.


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2 Responses to Life causes death, excess food causes obesity and increased longevity causes more suffering – shock new finding by Scientists.

  1. David says:

    I have never heard of an alcohol-caused cancer. Also, I’m 68% more in agreement with you that the solution is for us to die sooner.

    • harebell says:

      I’ve no doubt that copious amounts of alcohol swilling around the digestive tract can cause cancer. After all we use alcohol as a disinfectant, so it clearly kills organisms. But so what?
      My whole thought about life has been changed by a conversation on Dawg’s blawg that centred around Craig’s assertion that in the absence of absolute world wide socialism the only equitable situation would be extinction.
      After all none of us chose to be here. We are the outcome of the decisions of others.
      Existence involves pain and suffering.
      If we didn’t exist we couldn’t suffer.
      As it wasn’t our choice and all we can really expect is suffering, why exist?

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