Harper Government – synonym for lying, cowardly piece of crap.

The story of Corporal Glen Kirkland is a sad indictment of the honesty and integrity of the current Canadian government and right wing politics in general.

An injured Canadian soldier who testified about his struggle for health benefits has been notified that he will be discharged in six months, despite assurances from Defence Minister Peter MacKay that he would suffer “no ramifications” for speaking out.

Vancouver-native Cpl. Glen Kirkland, who nearly died in Afghanistan five years ago when he was ambushed by the Taliban, said mere days he right after appearing before a parliamentary committee he received a notice in the mail of his impending discharge.

“I was absolutely taken aback,” Kirkland told CTV News. “I was pretty much speechless and pretty devastated.”

I really can’t express how much I despise the right wing in general and the Harper government in particular. The right are a bunch of corrupt cowards who will sacrifice as many people as they think they can get away with to pad the bottom line. To do this they will lie with impunity because they know the cowards with the cash, the cowards on the bench and the cowards in the police force will support them.

Jeez what has happened to Canada under the most cowardly and useless piece of crap to have been PM?

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3 Responses to Harper Government – synonym for lying, cowardly piece of crap.

  1. Boris says:

    Sadly, the military will often attack its own without the politicians. Could easily have been his CO or orders from high to discharge Cpl Kirkland for speaking out. Some officers go apoplectic when a junior rank appears to avoid or embarrass the sacred – and often rusted stiff or plain broken – chain of command. Nothing like being asked one’s opinion, or filing a grievance, and then being charged for your trouble regardless of the veracity of your claim.

    • harebell says:

      Isn’t that the truth.
      I remember the old conduct unbecoming…. bollocks. But I would have expected even a semi-capable chief to have ensured that he didn’t suffer the embarrassment of having his own guarantees undermined. I know MacKay is about as much use as a chocolate fireguard but even he should possess an ounce of understanding with respect to the pettiness of the wankers with pips..
      His inability to ensure everyone respected his wishes once more proves that he has no business as the minister of anything.

  2. Scotian says:

    Pretty contemptible all right. I agree it could have been a member of his chain of command, it is far from the first time for that sort of thing. However, I also remember when they used to at least tried to give the pretence that the two things were not related by allowing some temporal separation, of course everyone knew better but still the appearance was there. That seems to have gone by the wayside since the Harper regime took over. Although, the fact that MacKay publicly claimed he was not going to suffer retribution and yet he does immediately afterwards does seem pretty blatantly contemptuous even for this government (and I have no love, respect, or trust for them as I’m sure anyone whose ever read me is well aware of), which does make me suspect that this came from within the uniformed side of things. If nothing else the message mismanagement and political story this makes is simply too obvious a trap for any sitting government let alone this one to just fall into, especially when they are already suffering a lot of scandal problems and not being able to shake them off as easily as they used to. On the other hand given the nature of the government we are talking about assuming rationality or reason being a driving factor/consideration is never a safe thing to do anymore, but if I was forced to bet I would say I’d have to come down on this being decided and executed from within the military structure itself, not the political leadership.

    I find it disturbing just how bad a taste that left in my mouth to give the political leadership the benefit of the doubt. I’ve never known so toxic a political environment as what we have had since the rise of Harper, the betrayal and destruction of the PCPC and the birth of the CPC with Harper at its helm. Unlike too many though I’ve always understood that our reality is not made of concrete and stable but is actually far more unstable and malleable than that. Indeed the only reason things are not much worse is thanks to P.E.T. giving us the Charter when he did back in 1982, before then all of our rights and freedoms could be revoked by legislative fiat, something so many still fail to understand. It is the Charter that is the only thing preventing the Harper majority from doing far worse than they already have, and it is the Charter which allows me to sleep some nights without massive nightmares about our future, again though that is a comment for another time.

    I really miss the days when I could disagree with a government yet still believe they were trying to do the right thing as they saw it for Canada and Canadians. I really, really do…*sigh*

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