In one small article Michael Coren illustrates some distrubing traits – denial of reality and telling porkies are just two of them.

Just like any political party that gets their backsides handed to them and then they try to make it not seem as bad as all that, so Mikey spins the CRTC decision about welfare for SNN. 

There’s no great surprise in that., What his boss declared would be a death sentence for the pretend reporters at SNN actually wasn’t a death sentence and in fact was a blessing disguise. Woot woot, thanks bureaucrats SNN’s secret plan worked etc. At times of great stress most of us lie to ourselves and deny reality, before we finally accept it.

But those were not the lies I had in mind when I wrote the above heading. This was one of them:

If you think this is propaganda, you don’t know me. I have had all sorts of attacks, threats and firings because I have been unwilling to change my views. Hate me if you like, disagree with me if you like, but I am not a liar or a coward. (my emphasis.)

Mikey boy not only are you willing to change your mind, you do it regularly and you do it in an area that should be pretty important to a teabagger, wingnut too; namely religious belief.

Born a Jew, converts to Catholicism in his 20s, converts to fundagelical Protestantism in the 1990s, then in 2004 he’s back in the Catholic fold. Now being born into a religion doesn’t mean you should follow that religion so the first one is a pass. But the swithering between the two wings of the Jesus cult shows a distinct lack of certainty and commitment, especially after writing this.

“The evangelical Christians may be intolerant, small-minded, and repellent, but at least they hold a consistent set of beliefs.”

The fact you left means that consistency isn’t for you. And he rejoined the church of Rome after acknowledging this

“Can anyone imagine a detective priest? Regrettably, it is easier to conjure up the image of a priest being questioned by secular detectives over abuse charges.”

And wrote a book on why Catholicism is right. Now I’m not going to read too much into what that may mean, but it does indicate his willingness to overlook certain unsavoury aspects of Catholic practice.

Then there was his insistence that SNN was the only media outlet that covered the shameful violent threats against Jews at the Al Quds day rally in Toronto.

Shot, killed, murdered. We were the only media that had the courage and the wisdom to be there, to cover it, and to expose it.

Well the HuffPost might like to argue otherwise as would the Sudbury Star. (Yes I know the Star is part of Sun Media, but it ain’t SNN.) But the overall correctness of Coren’s sentiment on this matter is somewhat undone by his determination to link the idiot Al Quds speaker with Trudeau by all means possible.

So he omitted to note that SNN weren’t the only media outlet that covered and condemned this event and then really didn’t give a crap about what was said just that he could smear an enemy. And to cap it all off, he finally mentioned that the mouthy bigot was a Christian (obviously not a real Christian) but that was left to the end after he launched his political attacks.

Sounds  pretty deceitful, cowardly and non-truthful to me, but what could one expect from a guy who can’t make up his mind what faith he truly believes. Time for another faithy flip-flop Mikey, I don’t believe you’ve tried Islam but given the fact that you denounced Catholicism shortly before re-entering the fold, you doing a Cat Stevens wouldn’t surprise me as it fits your track record.

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2 Responses to In one small article Michael Coren illustrates some distrubing traits – denial of reality and telling porkies are just two of them.

  1. Jim Dandy says:

    Never has someone deserved to fail and be anonymous more than Michael Coren. Alright, he’s in the top ten.

  2. Jim Dandy says:

    OT…imagine the balls it takes to complain about being called a liar and a cheat for creating 30-40 fake Twitter accounts to promote your business, and then to admit it. Follow this up with an apology, a “gush, shucks, I didn’t mean no harm and won’t do it again”, only to do it again. It’s like creating fake accounts is pathological for the poor boy. And after all his bluster and threats of lawsuits and threats against you, to be caught out red-handed and now to be right back at it.

    Amazing. I wonder what life is like living as a completely soulless asshole?

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