Harper has a tantrum – Remember when the Harper Conservatives thought mentioning China was tantamount to treason – Harper’s year end interviews not withstanding.

So it looks like our infant in chief is busy throwing all his toys out of the pram yet again. CTV have been told that they will not get a chance to lob softballs at our chief petty minister, but

MacDonald denies that Fife’s reporting was a factor in the decision.

“You write things about our government that aren’t positive too, but here I am answering your questions,” he said in an email. “There’s no conspiracy here, Glen, sorry.”

No..No Fife breaking news of the corruption, venality and scheming in the infant’s office had nothing to do with it. Yeah that’ll be shining bright!

So who is getting a look in:

  • Sun news will get a chance to cup the PM’s balls and whisper sweet nothings about his hockey book into his shell-like ears.
  • Global TV will be allowed to send out the back-up quarterback and the PMO will hope he is having an off day.

and, oh my

MacDonald won’t say yet — “He will be doing several. Happy to confirm outlets later,”  – but word is that Chinese language broadcaster Fairchild TV has scored one.

Now where have I come across that name before

34. China Vision and Fairchild Entertainment.  China Vision is a pay-TV station in Toronto, established by Francis Cheung in 1981.  In 1991 it had about 110,000 Canadian subscribers of Chinese origin in the Toronto, Edmonton, Calgary and Vancouver areas.  Pro-democracy groups across Canada submitted briefs to the CRTC alleging that Cheung received financial assistance from the Chinese government, and that China Vision’s reports on China were approved and influenced by the government of that country.

36.  In 1993, Thomas Fung of Fairchild Communication Ltd. of Vancouver submitted an offer to purchase China Vision to the CRTC for CDN $9.25 million.  Fairchild Communications Ltd. is 80 per cent owned by Happy Valley Investments Ltd., also of Vancouver, and 20 per cent by Television Broadcasts Ltd. of Hong Kong, the largest global producer of Chinese-language programming.  Various Canadian groups of Chinese origin opposed Fairchild’s purchase offer because they were concerned that this sale would open the door for the Chinese government to influence Canadian television news broadcasting.  They argue the station would be vulnerable to political pressure from the Chinese government, especially after 1997, and because the Hong Kong media often practiced censorship where China was concerned for fear of offending the government of that country.

That’s right, Sidewinder, links with the Communist government and also it appears the triads were once a concern

37.  Hong Kong Telecommunications and Wharf Cable Ltd.  In March 1997, these two companies formed in consortium with Li Ka-Shing’s Hutchinson Whampoa Ltd., Cheng Yu-Tong’s New World Development Co. and Heung (Jimmy) Wah-Shing’s Win Film Co.  Jimmy Heung is known in Hong Kong as a senior officer of the largest triad, Sun Yee On.  He is the younger brother of Heung Wah-Yim, the Dragon Head of this group, who was officially identified in 1992 by the US Senate’s Standing Committee on Asian Organized Crime.  The output of these companies is used by the Canadian Chinese-language media.  It should be noted that the company was bought by another Hong Kong company, Fairchild Communications, and CITIC is also the owner of Hong Kong Telecom.  The productions of all the above mentioned companies are used by the Canadian Chinese language media.  This transactions highlights well the close relationship among Chinese business people, the triads and China’s power.

Now this is all in the past and I’ve no idea what is going on with them now or even if it is the same company, but it is interesting that a misquote from Trudeau was all it took for him to be declared a commie sympathiser. And now Harper is showing preferential treatment for a company name that piqued CSIS and RCMP interest a while back for their links in that direction… but that is different though.. I’m sure.

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2 Responses to Harper has a tantrum – Remember when the Harper Conservatives thought mentioning China was tantamount to treason – Harper’s year end interviews not withstanding.

  1. G.J.W. says:

    Harper does his dastardly deeds, behind closed doors. We don’t even know how much of Canada, Harper has signed over to Communist China? It appears Harper permitted the Triad, coming into Canada. In Vancouver innocent people were killed in the crossfire, of their drug gang wars. Citizens of BC, want the Chinese removed.

    Fadden of CSIS time, warned of Communist China’s huge inroads into Canada. BC was specifically mentioned as, ex BC Liberal Premier Gordon Campbell had already given much of BC to Communist China. Campbell works for Harper, deleted. Harper rewarded Campbell the post of, High Commissioner to the U.K. Harper and Campbell signed deals behind the backs, of the citizens of BC. Premier Christy Clark is, just another Campbell in a skirt. It isn’t Christy running BC either. She too supports Communist China. She too, is handing BC out to China. Rumor has it, she lied and cheated to win her elections as well.

    Canadians are living in, very evil times. Canada has become a cesspool of corruption especially since, Harper gained his so called majority. Herr Harper’s henchmen are, useless, gutless, spineless wonders

    • harebell says:

      Hi GJW
      given recent events regarding blog commenting I had to edit out some of the unsupported potentially libelous statements. I hope you don’t take offence but these are odd times and speech is being squeezed. Sometimes with a real cause and other times fo rthe hell of it.

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