Pollievre in action – An election reform bill that really just changes the law to make once illegal activities, legal?

Politicians rarely commit crimes and that is because they have the power to convert actions that were once criminal in nature into legal activities. Minister responsible for State Secrecy and reducing accountability Pollievre’s new bill appears to do just that:

  • The CEO who polices electoral activities will now be sidelined and his role given over to a government picked administrator who reports to the DPP rather than to Parliament. That means we will no doubt be seeing more totally redacted documents and appeals to attorney-client privilege emanating from the PMO and other organs responsible for State Secrecy.
  • The amount that the rich can donate to the Conservatives will be increased form $1200 to $1500 which means in reality the taxpayer will have to cough up $690.67 up $99 from $591.67. This means that the 60% of people who never voted for the CPoC will be on the hook for $415 as opposed to $355 previously. Talk about an abuse of power. Pollievre is worried about Mayrand abusing his authority, but who will check Pollievre’s wholesale pillaging of the taxpayer’s pocket for party profit? That’s per annum so multiply it by 4 for the total rip off, suddenly the “per vote subsidy” they did away with is suddenly looking like a great deal for the taxpayer.
  • Another egregious abuse of power and anti-democratic move by our jackass for protecting democracy, is to change the law and allow the various ne’er-do-wells who fall afoul of elections law to actually still be able to vote and create laws for the rest of us. This is something that would only have benefited CPoC miscreants in the last election as they cheated their way to office, only to be protected by Harper’s mouthpiece the speaker of the house.

I guess the next bill to emerge from the office of the oily tick will be one enshrining Harper as leader for life. Reality appears to be what the wingnuts say it is and if it isn’t they’ll create a law to change that.

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Live in Alberta Fiscally conservative and socially more "live and let live" though I draw the line at folk who abuse their authority. Never bored
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One Response to Pollievre in action – An election reform bill that really just changes the law to make once illegal activities, legal?

  1. adanac says:

    That is the way it is. Harper wants to be supreme dictator of his, thousand year Canadian Fourth Reich. Harper’s henchmen are useless, spineless gutless wonders.

    Polievre and Calandra as fanatics, are very like Harper’s Goebbels. Harper only picks those he can control. The one’s who refuse to be Harper’s trained Seals, leave.

    Heads up on the meeting of the 3 Amigo’s coming up shortly.

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