Russia enters the Crimea – NATO and the West is hoist on its own petard – Kosovo redux.

TDL posts that the Russian’s have crossed from Russia into the Crimea in numbers. He also notes that the West is wringing their hands most spectacularly about this action and will write a strongly worded note to Putin telling him he is a naughty boy.

Back at the resolution of the Bosnian conflict the Dayton Accord insisted that the territorial integrity of Bosnia had to be preserved in any negotiated outcome. This fitted in with the existing model of respecting state boundaries and not rewarding aggression. Large ethnic Serb and Croat communities couldn’t just decide to secede because they were more numerous. But in Kosovo that principle went out  the window and the West en mass signed onto that concept. Sure Condi and GW added a rider to this decision saying that it could not be taken as precedent setting, but that was never going to hold. And it was never going to hold with a nation that is as nationalistically proud as Russia.

Yeltsin was soon dumped and Russians turned towards the tender embrace of a hardman and that hardman was ex-KGB cancer Putin. Putin was elected because the West made Russia look weak and unable to protect their interests on the world stage. the rest, as they say is history or at least history making.

The West through the doltish and expediency seeking stupidity of NATO under GW Bush not only forced Russia back into cold war tyranny, but removed any semblance of international accord to restrict the actions of this tyrant. They set the cart rolling down the hill and decided there was no need for brakes.

What is happening today in the Crimea is a made in Washington and London crisis and illustrates the venality and stupidity that passes for modern neo-liberal governance.

The Crimea is gone, it has been reabsorbed back into the collective. We need to accept that and now think about where Putin will set his sights next and realise just how hugely we erred in Serbia all those years ago.

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2 Responses to Russia enters the Crimea – NATO and the West is hoist on its own petard – Kosovo redux.

  1. Max Stirner says:

    Do you know the Kosovo thing happened under Clinton?

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