Nadon Appointment – Back here I mentioned that someone lied, but it goes on.

In a previous post I mentioned that

These discussions are are supposed to be kept secret even from the Prime Minister, so:

  1. Someone broke their oath of secrecy and therefore lied, or

  2. Harper lied when he made that statement in the House.

Well it looks like leaks from that committee are still happening.

Ms. McLachlin hit back in a statement released by her executive legal officer, Owen Rees. He said she did not lobby against the appointment but was consulted by a parliamentary committee on the government’s short list and the needs of the court.

It is also clear why so many Harper government “laws” are being struck down too

But, privately, MPs on the government side of the House are bitter. “It’s clear that Canadians don’t make laws through their governments any more. Instead, they watch while unelected courts override important community standards,” said one MP, speaking about the court’s decision to strike down Canada’s prostitution law. “[Canadians] are powerless to act through their government and left to live by court edict that doesn’t have any public support.”

MPs have not got a clue what the function of the courts are and ignore their own illegal/unconstitutional behaviour in order to blame others for doing their job. The Charter exists and most Harper MPs don’t like it, I get that; however that doesn’t mean you can ignore it when drafting laws.

The intellectual prowess of those who form the current ruling cabal is best illustrated by this

“The left will celebrate this as a triumph — what they couldn’t achieve politically, they have achieved through decades of court appointees,” said one MP, ignoring the fact that the majority of the current court was appointed by Stephen Harper.

So I guess it is no surprise that given that indicator of the intelligence of the average Tory back-bencher is below that of a wood-louse that they also have no regard for committee rules. The committee is leaking and I would hazard a guess that it isn’t the non-Harper seals who are doing it.

It appears that this fact might be gaining a wider audience. Good, because somebody needs taking to task for being a fool.

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2 Responses to Nadon Appointment – Back here I mentioned that someone lied, but it goes on.

  1. thwap says:

    I’m so tired of these idiots.

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