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The opinion columnist who cheered on the assault, kidnapping and illegal imprisonment of unarmed vulnerable people by armoured armed gangs decries the public for not stepping up to the plate – yeah it’s Blatchford.

During the G20, Bill Blair’s cheerleader cheered and made excuses for the excesses of uniformed thugs against innocent people. Remember this was the day after the same thugs allowed criminals to ransack downtown Toronto and trash police cruisers. I guess … Continue reading

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Blatchford, a woman who has fought for nothing, criticises other women who do using half truths.

I’m a fairly new citizen of Canada, but came from the UK and lived in a military environment during the 60s, 70s and 80s becoming a part timer in the early 90s; so it was with interest that I read … Continue reading

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Blatchford, take that thing out of your mouth and read what your heroes did.

Fuck you Blatchford. The press is supposed to protect rights not side with those who ride roughshod over the law. This “self appointed” reporter speaks volumes while you have Blair’s cock in your mouth. 7 hours into custody, the people … Continue reading

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Blatchford stops swooning over uniforms and powerful men long enough to carry some more water.

She must be in the final stages of a meltdown and it’s sad to see the G&M give such a public platform for her to self destruct upon. She doesn’t like the fact that others have exposed the cosy relationship … Continue reading

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Blatchford shreds any journalistic integrity she might have had

Christie Blatchford shows once again what a useful idiot she is: At the time the cortège carrying Sgt. MacNeil’s body was arriving at the coroner’s office on Grosvenor Street, just two short blocks north of College Street, a group of … Continue reading

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Blatchford keeps saying the same thing and expecting different results

One G&M journo, D Saunders says: From having read the Canadian and British investigation documents related to our practice of handing detainees over to the National Directorate of Security, I would say that at least some Canadian political leaders (against … Continue reading

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Blatchford – a willing lapdog but still not a journalist.

The ever loyal, but slightly misguided Christie Blatchford is again busy carrying water for those who could resolve their own problematic issues by being honest. In a previous post I noticed just how wrong this reporter could be and still … Continue reading

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It appears Blatchford isn’t a real journalist after all, and her editors are clueless about editing too.

In answer to my earlier question about me being a journo. The answer is no. But happily errors have finally been spotted and a small retraction has been placed under the original article of about a week ago. No sign … Continue reading

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If Blatchford is a journo, can I be one too?

No idea for the rationale behind this piece except for an exercise in sucking up. The “journo” states: “In condemning with the same brush highly professional Canadian soldiers, and to complain that they were complicit in breaches of the law … Continue reading

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Good old Christie, loyal like a puppy.

Apparently days that are infamous are limited in number. In fact in La Blatch’s eyes there is only one infamous day and that was the 7th December 1941. 911? no that can’t be a day of infamy it’s already taken … Continue reading

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