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Live in Alberta Fiscally conservative and socially more "live and let live" though I draw the line at folk who abuse their authority. Never bored

Royal Military College – complete breakdown in military discipline amongst those who would presume to lead.

As someone who was born into a military family and served in uniform myself, I find the breakdown in good order that occurred in Canada’s Royal Military College a few months ago an inexcusable and obscene happening. In what appears … Continue reading

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Is Jason Kenney in over his head? One day 200m is not the front line, but the next day 128kms is.

In his staggeringly farcical attempts to cover this Harper government’s ass, Jason Kenney has made blunder after blunder in his guise as Minister of Defence this week. First he tried to cover for the Prime Minister’s word mangling in the … Continue reading

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MRA logic is serioulsy messed up.

So an Argo fan who also happens to be a fearless champion of men’s rights ( a white knight, perchance?) seems to think that because his team is speaking out against violence on women… oh to hell with it, let … Continue reading

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Has Kinsella been spending to much time with the likes of Levant et al? Because he’s showing some Trudeau derrangement symptoms..

Dear old Warren appears to have spent too much time lying with dogs as he appears to have picked up some unwanted travelers in the form of some very sloppy thinking. He is aghast at Trudeau’s sensible attempt to address … Continue reading

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Joe Oliver on debt – tell me sir, have you ever visited the planet earth?

“Our government will not embark on massive, costly bureaucratic programs, throw the country into a large deficit and pile on debt that would burden our children and grandchildren. Err, so what do you call this then cupcake? Oh and it’s … Continue reading

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John Baird’s Mboto Gorge – It was a viciously sharp “egg” sir.

ReadingĀ  that his highness John Baird of kitschy business card fame was pelted with eggs by Palestinians today brought back memories of the final “Blackadder goes Forth” episode. Baird is more than happy to make excuses for the Israeli government … Continue reading

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I always thought the Royal Canadian Legion were Tory Toadies, now I know it is true

Today, something has been confirmed, that I thought was true. The Royal Canadian Legion appears to be a Conservative advocacy group that just pays lip service to the modern veteran. It is an old boys club for those constantly looking … Continue reading

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There were some interesting developments in terrorism this week. 1 you know about, 2 were ignored… why?

The one you’ve all heard about was the Paris murders of unarmed cartoonists by cowardly Islamist zealots, whose god and prophet are so weak and pathetic that they need armed cowards to kill their unarmed enemies for them. I weep … Continue reading

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Are Mohammed, Allah, God, Jesus etc such a thin skinned bunch of wusses that they need mere men to do their retribution for them?

Seriously now answer this, you religious dimwits. Are your “all powerful, all loving, all good” deities and their so-called prophets, so unable to look after their own affairs, that they have to rely on weak and fallible human beings to … Continue reading

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Ezra Levant – For once I read something of his and and thought “pretty good stuff!” Then he returned to being a petty douchebag right at the end.

Ezra Levant is a less masculine Ann Coulter and generally prides himself on being a bit of a twat whenever the opportunity presents itself. But today I read his column expecting the usual lies and innuendo. (He has been found … Continue reading

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