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Live in Alberta Fiscally conservative and socially more "live and let live" though I draw the line at folk who abuse their authority. Never bored

Have you read the Good Samaritan – A Question to the “Christians” of the West.

I’ve noticed that “Christians” are getting all worked up over the annual mythical war on Christmas that some “Christians” claim is happening. I’ve also noticed that a large percentage of “Christians” do not want to bring any Syrian refugees into … Continue reading

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Yellow Journalism – The National Post sheds any pretense of being a newspaper and accepts it is Canada’s “Der Sturmer.”

The National Post is showing it’s true colours in allowing US Tea bagger Mark Steyn unfettered access to its front page on-line. This malcontent and ne’er-do-well is never happy unless he is ranting about the horror of the forthcoming apocalypse … Continue reading

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Dogwhistle lying – Brian Lilley knows that the Harper base are dumber than a sack of hammers, so his lies aren’t even disguised now.

The latest emanation from the otherwise unemployable Brian Lilley is staggering in its illogical structure. The only people who could even think this was a coherent statement are those who are so stupid that they probably cannot function without help … Continue reading

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“Leadership” – You keep using that word, I do not think it means what you think it means.

There’s been a lot of talk about Leadership on the Harper re-election campaign. So much so that it has even made an appearance in the woods But when Stephen Harper has been asked about Leadership when it comes to his … Continue reading

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Is Harper living in a world of make believe – life in the fuhrer-bunker and the perils of group-think

He said “instability in the world” is no reason to ditch an economic plan that he insists is working. “Analysts are predicting good growth for this economy into the future as long as we stay on track,” he said. “It … Continue reading

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Just who is ignoring intelligence experts and enabling terrorists? Baird and Harper appear to be ISIS greatest allies.

It didn’t take a genius to predict that military intervention to ensure the over throw of Muamar Ghadafi would result in civil war and destabilise the whole region. It did in Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen and every place that Western Politicians … Continue reading

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Let’s take a break from calling everything mysogynistic shall we?

A women in politics advocate responded to the weekend’s comments by a PC flack about our new health minister’s weight thusly “The comments that were made were totally inappropriate and the person who made them should resign,” she said. “It’s … Continue reading

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If FIFA re-elect Blatter then they should all be arrested – He is a crook and FIFA has been shown to have failed on his watch.

Football authorities love charging players, managers, coaches and everyone else with bringing the game into disrepute. There is only really ever one group that does that and they never get charged; and that is the princelings who belong on the … Continue reading

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RMC – Staff and cadets, this is what leadership on the issue of sexual abuse looks like.

Oh for a general who leads, but that seems beyond the CF these days. Their role is to run interference for the coward who is our PM.

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Royal Military College – complete breakdown in military discipline amongst those who would presume to lead.

As someone who was born into a military family and served in uniform myself, I find the breakdown in good order that occurred in Canada’s Royal Military College a few months ago an inexcusable and obscene happening. In what appears … Continue reading

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