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Believing Bullshit – Law’s argument about the equivalency of an evil and good god is interesting, but flawed.

Given just how shitty the religious majority are in this modern time and just how poorly they actually live their lives according to their religious teachings it is nice to enter the realm of academic introspection. Stephen Law’s book “Believing … Continue reading

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A serial killer from 1940s Paris knows the 1% and what drives them.

The soldier remembered one conversation about the morality of theft, Petiot arguing that it was completely natural. “How do you think that the great fortunes and colonies have been made? By theft, war and conquest,” Then morality does not exist? … Continue reading

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If you want to understand just how damaged the modern Conservative is, read Dixon’s book.

Norman Dixon’s “On the psychology of military incompetence” is a terrific read. As you read the case studies Bush, Baird, Blair and Harper jump out at you. Then when you read the rationale behind the thesis you cannot help but … Continue reading

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VS – “has-been” author throws his toys out of the pram to get attention.

You know your literary career ain’t what it used to be when you have to say something controversial for people to notice you rather than rely on the quality of your work. In an interview at the Royal Geographic Society … Continue reading

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When you already have the truth, facts really don’t matter – Right wing US intellectual rhetoric.

G Murphy Donovan is a person who writes for the ironically named “American Thinker,” at least I’m assuming it is ironic because thought has very little to do with their latest offering. G is obviously a typical example of American … Continue reading

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The Army of the Republic – Stuart Archer Cohen

This was a rollocking read. It sped along at a great clip and required very little thought or intellectual investment and had kind of a predictable ending. BUT that said, I will read this again probably quite a few times. … Continue reading

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Fat rights in the 21st Century – Fat Studies Courses

A handful of colleges now offer classes entirely devoted to the overweight and obese. But are they intellectually topical—or just feel-good, pro-fat propaganda? So writes Eve Binder in the Daily Beast. She then proceeds to outline the emergence of a … Continue reading

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The Armageddon Factor – M McDonald – an exposee of religious liars, hypocrites, thieves and anti-Canadianism

Interesting if somewhat depressing book. It’s amazing how many folk actually base the entirety of their life on insisting that they and they alone are correct and they know this because god speaks to them. But to me the most … Continue reading

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Jim Dandy moves on to Japan for the music now

Sweet video here, but I gotta put one of my blasts from the past down as a counter. Their biggest hit was Turning Japanese which is my somewhat tenuous link with Dave’s post. This isn’t it though this is one … Continue reading

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Combining Glam with xmas

Combining the two Jim Dandy challenges of Glam and xmas we have the following: Slade Wizzard Mud G Glitter and while this isn’t xmassy Alvin is included for my wife

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