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Ezra Levant – For once I read something of his and and thought “pretty good stuff!” Then he returned to being a petty douchebag right at the end.

Ezra Levant is a less masculine Ann Coulter and generally prides himself on being a bit of a twat whenever the opportunity presents itself. But today I read his column expecting the usual lies and innuendo. (He has been found … Continue reading

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Are WordPress really douchebags on the level of facebook, twitter etc?? Silly question – of course they are.

It has just come to my attention that WordPress have acted in as douchebaggy a nature as all the other pricks in the social media world. They are presently licking the salty nasty bits of some pretty sleazy gits the … Continue reading

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White Privilege – You know you are privileged if when you are arrested for a terrorist offence, you are not called a terrorist.

In the past couple of days I have come across a few occasions where people have committed terrorist attacks, at least terrorist as the word is used by the extreme right when they justify their hatred of others. Number one … Continue reading

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When listening to Conservative/Wild Rose/PC politicians making promises…. remember this

“We’re not running a deficit. We have planned a realistic scenario. We’ve got conservative budget estimates. We’ve got a modest platform that doesn’t even fill the existing fiscal room that we have and we have plenty of flexibility in how … Continue reading

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CNN/Bill Nye – It looks like the word “bullying” is going to lose all meaning thanks to the efforts of the Right to stifle the dissemination of facts.

Unbelievable attempts a censorship by an increasing relativist right wing in the West have made the term anti-Semitism meaningless. Now it looks like they are having a go at the word bully. Orwell’s concept of language losing all meaning because … Continue reading

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Wente in the G&M – I’m not too sure that stupidity is a step up from plagiarism.

Margaret Wente has managed to get another piece printed in the G&M. In it she preaches the usual anti-intellectual boiler plate that is part and parcel of neo-con/corporatist propaganda these days. Although highly educated social progressives are alarmed by the … Continue reading

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Harper and and Coyne whine about the SCC Senate decision – Why don’t we ask Lawyers and political scientists instead?

Harper and one of his mouthpieces Coyne are distraught that they can’t just do stuff on a whim. Oh woe is us we can’t just change the constitutional basis for how the country is run just because we want to. … Continue reading

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CBC illustrates why it is needed and why the knuckle draggers want it gone – Temporary Foreign Workers Scandal

In one fell swoop the CBC illustrates why an independent broadcaster is a boon to Canada – they will cover stories that the corporately sponsored media won’t. Is there any other media outlet that would have spent the time and … Continue reading

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So how many times does Shelly Glover have to break the rules before it becomes a pattern?

Shelly Glover got caught fundraising from the very community that her department deals with and funds or doesn’t fund. While I would never say that this was a corrupt event where people saw the benefits of giving to the “re-elect … Continue reading

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Adam Goldberg – Yet another misplaced call for an end to on-line anonymity, let’s just assume everyone is not who they say they are.

Following on from my last post we have yet another well meant plea for an end to online anonymity. People putting their real names to what they say on line would end all meanness, bigotry and nastiness and those who … Continue reading

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