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Ezra Levant – For once I read something of his and and thought “pretty good stuff!” Then he returned to being a petty douchebag right at the end.

Ezra Levant is a less masculine Ann Coulter and generally prides himself on being a bit of a twat whenever the opportunity presents itself. But today I read his column expecting the usual lies and innuendo. (He has been found … Continue reading

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So Canada’s attending Sochi is not about hard work and excellence after all?

I read this article by Kurtis Larson in the Edmonton Sun today and it made me appreciate the double standards used by those who want to get their way no matter the harm it does. Larson is berated by many … Continue reading

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Kant’s Categorical Imperative – Stephen Harper and his Seals would do well to keep this in mind when creating legislation.

Well that and the law. Kant’s categorical imperative basically put is: “Treat everyone as an end in themselves and not as a means to an end.” And “A person should only act if that act is one that should become … Continue reading

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Adam Goldberg – Yet another misplaced call for an end to on-line anonymity, let’s just assume everyone is not who they say they are.

Following on from my last post we have yet another well meant plea for an end to online anonymity. People putting their real names to what they say on line would end all meanness, bigotry and nastiness and those who … Continue reading

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I always consider the source – I’m an Infidel and I’ll gladly accept that description especially when directed at me by the pious.

Recently a lot has been made over the comments made by a politician in Manitoba where he described atheists as infidels in his smug Xmas message to the population. As one of those who he undoubtedly would have aimed his … Continue reading

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Do the Israeli government really think that trolling social media will help lift the boycott of Israeli academia?

A campaign commonly known as the BDS campaign is being orchestrated by opponents of the illegal Israeli settlements in the West Bank. The “B” in BDS stands for boycott. This boycott is primarily aimed at Israeli cultural and academic activities … Continue reading

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Pat Condell – conveniently forgets history in order to dress up support for the English extreme right as a freedom of speech issue.

Recently a group of students in Edinburgh gave Nigel Farage of the UKIP a bit of a hard time as he tried to support the efforts of a UKIP drive to get one of their own elected to the Scottish … Continue reading

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Jason Kenney the real xenophobe, is an opportunist and a liar which is why immigrants must be wary of his “support” for immigration.

The accusation of being a liar is easily illustrated. He can remember being an aggressive and assertive opposition speaker, but not much about the content of what he said. His recent support for the Prime Minister and his running interference … Continue reading

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Isn’t raising prices during periods of high demand how the free market is supposed to work and don’t we do likewise to the third world every day?

Apparently free market economics and costs varying depending on supply and demand isn’t the way stuff is supposed to work when an emergency hits. Well not in the West anyway. One picture taken by Gordy Marchant shows ice bags selling … Continue reading

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Harper’s lack of judgement, authority and experience – The real problems with the “Mail Clerk’s” government.

Experience Stephen Harper has no experience as a manager in a real job. That need not be a problem in and of itself as he could have surrounded himself with able managers and delegated such tasks. History has many examples … Continue reading

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