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Hang on I thought “guns don’t kill people?”

Another tragic victim of an irresponsible gun owner dies over the weekend in Florida. The family has my heartfelt condolences, this is truly a shocking event as it would have come out of the blue. That said I must admit … Continue reading

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In Stephen Harper’s eyes I might well be an Anti-Semite – but how is this not apartheid?

I know that any criticism of the Israeli state and its actions is now grounds for being called an anti-Semite by the lunatics that have stolen the once proud monicker, Conservative, but would one of those clowns please explain how … Continue reading

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Murphy pipebomb – crimes were commited by a lot of people as well as the young man himself.

There has been a lot of speculation about whether someone who wasn’t a wholesome, white Canadian like Murphy would have been treated as leniently as him. That is NOT the point of this post though. The point is to itemise … Continue reading

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Harper has a tantrum – Remember when the Harper Conservatives thought mentioning China was tantamount to treason – Harper’s year end interviews not withstanding.

So it looks like our infant in chief is busy throwing all his toys out of the pram yet again. CTV have been told that they will not get a chance to lob softballs at our chief petty minister, but … Continue reading

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I thought Vision TV was TV for the pious, maybe pious means something else to the faithful.

So it appears that religious TV channel Vision TV has hired convicted criminal and non-Canadian Conrad Black to “interview” disgraced drunk and hard drug user Rob Ford so they can slander a newspaper reporter with lies. Now Rob and Connie … Continue reading

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Apparently Stephen Harper doesn’t drink alcohol and apparently he lies too.

Okay so in wine country yesterday, our PM Stephen Harper said, “Now of course, I don’t, you know, I don’t drink alcohol, but I have lots of friends who do,” said Harper. And following in the footsteps of a long … Continue reading

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Is the Harper Government abusing it’s authority and creating a conflict of interest over telecoms

According to the G&M the Harper government actively sought telecoms companies to enter the Canadian market, fair enough. Tell them to go for it and then see what happens; I have no problem with that at all. The New York-based … Continue reading

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It’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye – Mulcair, Parliamentary Security and apologists like Tim Harper.

I find it somewhat disturbing that those on the left are making excuses for the actions of their great hope for the next PM and his behaviour in accessing Parliament yesterday. Apparently it’s not he biggest scandal on the order … Continue reading

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Schmidt joins Colvin as the victim of the Conservative’s idea of ethics and Rob Nicholson’s idea of fair play in particular.

How ironic on a day when the Prime Minister is publicly rending his garments over bullying, Rob Nicholson as a Minister of state is allowing the bullying of a brave man who actually did his job honestly and properly. Something … Continue reading

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Vic Toews wants more powers to fight terrorism, but not to determine root causes ok – Fair enough which of the ones that you are requesting would have prevented the Boston Bombing?

As usual those in power would like more power to tell us what we can and cannot do. The fact that Toews thinks we are well prepared for any Boston type situation doesn’t mean that that we have enough anti-terrorism … Continue reading

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